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Fayetteville Attorney Serving Victims of Sexual Molestation

Taking Action for Victims of Sexual Molestation and Assault

Every time someone is sexually molested or assaulted, it is an outrage that demands justice. When children are abused in a school, a day care center or other facility, it is a tragic event that can alter the course of a young life forever. Adults may also be victims of sexual assault by co-workers or supervisors in the workplace or in supervised care settings such as nursing homes or mental health facilities.

Abusers must be punished to the fullest possible extent. Even if sexual abusers are apprehended, convicted and punished, most abusers leave many victims in their wake. In many of these situations, people in charge at these institutions knew or should have known about the abuse, but failed to take action or report these abusive actions to law enforcement. These individuals must be held accountable for their failures.

If you or your child has been sexually abused or molested at work, at school, at day care or some other facility, an experienced lawyer can help you find answers and determine if you can recover financial compensation for these injuries.

From our office in Fayetteville, attorney Rebecca Britton of Britton Law, P.A., has represented numerous people who have been abused or molested. Rebecca has over 20 years of experience fighting for people who have suffered serious harm due to someone else's wrongful conduct. At Britton Law, P.A., we know that you or your child needs more than just money for your physical, mental and emotional injuries. We have the experience and resources to help you connect with the support and care you and your family need.

We will also work tirelessly to hold any person or organization that turned a blind eye to your suffering responsible. We will fully investigate what happened and find every responsible party in order to build a case that will help you recover all appropriate damages for your abuse. Our law firm will be here for you from the beginning of your case through its conclusion.

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