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Fayetteville School Bus Accidents Attorney

Helping Children After Serious School Bus Injuries

When parents drop their children off at the school bus stop, they assume that their children will get to and from school safely. Unfortunately, school buses, like any other motor vehicle, get into accidents. When school buses get into accidents, any children on board are at risk to suffer serious injuries. Children can also suffer injuries when exiting or entering a school bus. If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, it is vital that you work with an experienced lawyer.

Fayetteville school bus accidents lawyer Rebecca Britton of Britton Law, P.A., has over two decades of experience serving people who have suffered horrible injuries due to another's negligence. Our law firm is prepared to take decisive action aimed at helping your family pursue the financial resources you will need to help you through this difficult time.

Taking Effective Action in Your Case

In every case, our law firm will start by investigating the cause of your accident in order to prove who is responsible. While we are working to establish who is at fault, we will also work with your family's medical providers to understand the full scope of your child's injuries. In some school bus accident claims, it is necessary to bring a claim against the school district and the county. If we have to file suit against a government agency under the State Tort Claims Act, our law firm understands the unique aspects of these cases. Rebecca Britton has litigated numerous cases against government agencies, and will be prepared to work tirelessly to help your family take steps to move forward from your child's injuries.

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