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4 injured in concrete truck accident

On Sept. 20, it was reported by the North Carolina Highway Patrol that four people suffered injuries after a concrete truck overturned onto a van. It appeared that the concrete truck was attempting to make a right turn but was traveling too fast.

The incident occurred at about 8:30 a.m. The concrete truck was heading north on NC-49 when the driver attempted to make a right turn onto Zion Church Road in Cabarrus County. However, the concrete truck had too much speed to make the turn, causing it to overturn on top of a Honda Odyssey van that was stopped in a turn lane. First responders were able to get two of the occupants out of the van quickly. They were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Opportunity still knocking for brick-and-mortar owners

There is a perception among the public at large that the brick-and-mortar retail business is under serious threat by online shopping companies. According to a report released by, however, the physical retail store may yet have a lot of life left. There are many reasons for North Carolina business owners and entrepreneurs to consider franchise opportunities.

Among the most encouraging statistics reported by TimeTrade was a finding that 75 percent of shoppers surveyed would prefer to purchase an item in a nearby store rather than online. Additionally, 84 percent of those surveyed said they planned to visit brick-and-mortar locations during 2017 as much as or more than they did in 2016. For individuals and organizations considering franchising, there are a few factors that should get more weight than others.

Effective franchise marketing

Business owners in North Carolina who want to franchise their businesses, as well as franchisees, may benefit by understanding how to effectively market their franchises. Having the right marketing strategies in place can help businesses to grow and increase their profits.

Franchisors and franchisees may benefit by understanding the pillars of marketing and how they have changed with the advent of technology. Traditional methods such as telemarketing campaigns are much more difficult today. People have caller ID on their phones and may be listed on do-not-call lists, making telemarketing more difficult than before. Businesses may instead use other methods to complete outgoing sales such as direct-email marketing campaigns.

Small business owners likely to overlook exit strategy

North Carolina enterpreneurs too often overlook the most valuable investment in their portfolios. Most people who own small- to mid-sized businesses work very hard for years to begin, develop and maintain their enterprises, yet they may spend little time planning and strategizing to ensure that the direction of the business aligns with their own personal savings and retirement goals.

Broadly speaking, there are three challenges commonly faced by business owners that could hurt the value of the business when it comes time to sell. First, small businesses are often too heavily dependent on the owner to make things run. Ownership energy is hugely important, but if the business falls apart without the primary shareholder, it might be hard to sell to someone else.

Investing in existing online businesses might be smart

North Carolina residents who are thinking about starting new online businesses might want to consider investing in existing ones. When people purchase existing businesses, they have several advantages. Existing online businesses are already profitable, meaning that people who purchase them do not have to spend the time building up the business from the ground. They also have assets such as customer lists and other things that can help the new business owners to get off the ground and running quickly.

Beyond the advantages of buying existing online businesses instead of building new ones, choosing to invest in an online company also has advantages over purchasing brick-and-mortar businesses. When a business is on the internet, it allows the owner the freedom to work from anywhere. Online business owners can also choose the hours that they work and use virtual assistants for the hours that they are not working. 

Parents to sue Boy Scouts for the death of their 15-year-old son

North Carolina residents who have children in the Boy Scouts of America may be interested to learn that a family is suing the organization for the death of their 15-year-old child. The boy reportedly died from heatstroke while on a trip in west Texas in June.

The parents said that the 15-year-old signed up to be a part of a beginners' backpacking course. However, it appears he ended up on a more difficult trail when temperatures soared to 99 degrees. The teenager collapsed on a remote part of the trail, preventing rescue services from being able to reach him quickly. He was airlifted to a hospital. However, the parents said that they were not told about their son's death until four hours and 30 minutes later.

1 dead after truck driver slams into wagon train

A truck accident involving a North Carolina Wagon Train hobbyist group on Sept. 1 resulted in the death of one person and left at least two others with serious injuries. Additionally, a horse that was part of the wagon train had to be euthanized at the scene.

The truck accident occurred near the Pride Resort in Maggie Valley. It appeared that a Ford Ranger slammed into the back of the wagon train, which had 18 wagons and 20 horses involved. Reports indicate that two of those who were injured included a child about 8 or 9 years old and a man who was said to be in critical condition. The driver was identified as a 37-year-old Waynesville man. He reportedly submitted to a drug and alcohol screening; although, no charges had been filed against him when the report was released.

Truck wheel spikes can cause accidents

Wheel spikes, often seen on large tractor trailers on North Carolina roadways, create a negative impression of the person behind the steering wheel. Whether it is true or not, they communicate to some other motorists that the operator approaches driving aggressively. While many wheel spikes are produced from plastic, other types are manufactured out of metal or aluminum. Wheel spikes increase the likelihood of a vehicle accident if they make contact with another vehicle, a bike, or a pedestrian.

Many trucking companies are banning their drivers from decorating their tires with wheel spikes. The trucking companies want to shake the negative impressions that truck drivers operate their vehicles recklessly. Instead, trucking companies want to advance an image that their drivers operate their vehicles safely and considerately.

What to consider when selling a business

There are many mistakes that could cost a North Carolina business owner money when it comes to sell the company. First, an owner may not understand what the company is worth before putting it on the market. This is generally considered to be a key step in an exit strategy. However, 65 percent of business owners haven't put a value on their company while 85 percent don't have an exit strategy at all.

In addition to not knowing what their company is worth, an owner may lose money by waiting too long to sell. An exit strategy may account for issues such as economic downturns or a lack of interest in running the business when determining the right time to sell.

Areas of focus for business sellers

North Carolina business owners know it can be a lot of work to sell a company. For most, selling the enterprise is the among the most important transactions they'll ever experience. Sellers are wise to engage a solid team of advisers to support and move the sale along.

In up to 50 percent of cases, the sale of a business is catalyzed or necessitated by crisis. A death, disability, legal dispute, divorce or other distress can require quick decisions, resulting in a stressful sales environment. Nearly half all business sales transactions fail for one of four reasons. The reasons are a lack of readiness on the part of the owner, a disparity between the asking price and the real market value of the business, disparate expectations and a lack of experience among the members of the seller's advisory team.

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