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March 2015 Archives

What forum is the best one to resolve business disputes?

Anyone who has been in business for any length of time knows that disagreements are going to crop up. The larger the operation is, the bigger the disputes are likely to be. As the business expands beyond its initial market into other cities, counties and states, the issues can be more complicated from a legal standpoint. With growth also comes an expansion in the number of possible courts that may have some measure of jurisdiction in resolving business disputes that arise.

Mandatory arbitration comes under fire. What's that about?

The importance of a contract, in writing -- signed, sealed and delivered, is something that we have talked about before in this blog. But it's just as important for all the parties who are signing on the dotted line of that contract to understand what the document says.

Can I sue when I'm hurt due to some government fault?

We are currently in a time of particularly heightened awareness concerning misconduct on the part of government agents and entities. There's the kerfuffle underway over how Hillary Clinton used a private computer server to manage her work and personal email while Secretary of State.

Private sale revives hopes of a future for NC med-tech company

The common perception of bankruptcy is that it is the first pealing of the death knell for a company. But that isn't always the case. Very often, bankruptcy proves to be the most important step toward reviving a company's future.

Proposed bill introduces 'autocycle' into North Carolina lexicon

The vehicle described in North Carolina's House Bill 6 doesn't exist yet, except on paper. That's not stopping lawmakers from pressing ahead with consideration of language that would appear to open the door to making the vehicle legal in the state. A key element of the debate may center on the question of safety.

Do you have the 3 contract staples every new business needs?

In recent weeks we've written a number of posts about how important solid contracts are to making sure a new business has a chance of succeeding. The focus of those posts had more to do with the options for enforcing contract terms, knowing when to pull out the right tools at the right time and the importance of working with skilled legal counsel.

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