Helping Homeowners Associations With The Legal Side Of Their Operations

Homeowners associations (HOAs) require legal representation to ensure that they comply with regulations set up by the state of North Carolina as well as enforcing the rules, bylaws and amendments of their association and ensuring compliance by their members. Having the counsel of an experienced HOA attorney will help solve or prevent many problems that your association faces.

At Britton Law, P.A., we help homeowner associations in the Fayetteville area and across North Carolina with their legal transactions and litigation matters. To schedule a consultation to discuss your HOA matter, please call us at 910-401-3356.

We Assist HOAs In The Following Areas:

  • Cost-effective collection of assessments and past association dues
  • Writing and implementation of new bylaws and amendments
  • Enforcing assessments and rules
  • Document interpretation
  • Annual elections proceedings
  • Litigation with unit owners or service providers

John Britton holds an MBA as well as a law degree, giving him insight into how businesses run as well as the laws they need to follow. He has more than 20 years of experience in business and real estate law, and can use his knowledge to help HOAs remain in compliance with the law while making sure the association rules are enacted and followed and dues are collected. He understands what your homeowners association has at stake in terms of keeping itself solvent and enforcing its rules.

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