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Time is critical when treating serious illnesses. A doctor's misdiagnosis — or the failure to diagnose a serious illness completely — can directly and significantly impact a patient's prognosis. In too many cases, serious diseases, such as cancer, go undetected for months and years after a doctor's failure to diagnose. Unfortunately, the condition may have worsened since the initial misdiagnosis, causing an important loss of time in treating the disease.

The failure to diagnose medical conditions results in numerous medical malpractice lawsuits every year. Patients who believe they have been harmed by failure to diagnose can seek compensation for pain, medical costs and lost wages. Attorney Rebecca J. Britton of Britton Law, P.A., offers experienced, skilled representation aimed at helping individuals who have suffered unnecessarily due to a doctor's misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose an illness. Based in Fayetteville, our failure to diagnose lawyer serves clients throughout North Carolina.

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Hospitals and doctors' offices are bustling with activity. Physicians, nurses and support staff are pressured to push through as many patients as possible. This can lead to a rushed diagnosis that proves to be incorrect. In this environment, missed diagnoses are not uncommon. Conversely, a patient can be treated for a disease or condition that he or she doesn't have. In that situation, the treatment or medication can cause harm to the patient.

Preparing for failure to diagnose lawsuits is complicated. Britton Law has the extensive experience and essential skills to determine whether you or a loved one has a legitimate case.

Our Clinton doctor errors attorney will fully investigate your case, working with expert witnesses to prove that the doctor did not live up to his or her standard of care. While we are proving the doctor's liability, we will also go about proving your damages. Our comprehensive approach has often led to positive outcomes for our past clients.

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