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AAA Releases North Carolina’s Most Recent Fatality and Crash Statistics

Published May 22, 2012

Many factors influence how safe people are while riding a motorcycle or driving a car. These factors include how attentive a driver is, weather conditions, how many vehicles are on the road and even the time of day.

However, many drivers do not realize the places they drive are important aspects to consider regarding road safety.

The Northwest Observer recently reported North Carolina’s 2009 county-by-county crash and fatality statistics. These statistics showed certain counties posed larger risks for drivers, while others were much safer.

Safest and Most Dangerous Roads

North Carolina counties have a plethora of rural streets, and according to the AAA report, the likelihood of a fatal accident increases the more a person drives rural roads, especially at night.

An AAA spokesperson informed the Northwest Observer that rural roads are narrower, have low shoulders, have fewer noticeable road markers, are often poorly lit and have more curves. City roads and interstate highways on the other hand have more police presence, are better lit, and have safer places to stop along the side of the road, making them less dangerous to North Carolina’s motorists.

County Statistics

Based upon the percentage of miles driven in a given area, Transylvania County was the location where a driver was most likely to die in a car crash.

According to the AAA rankings, however, the safest counties were Currituck County for all collisions and traffic injuries, and Washington County for fatal crashes.

As a state, North Carolina had 1.4 fatalities per every 100 million miles driven, which made it the 18th most dangerous state in 2009.

Safety Tips

While no one can be 100 percent safe while on the road, there remain many things a person can do to reduce the dangers of the road:

  • Avoid speeding, especially on rural or poorly lit roads
  • Wear a seat belt at all times
  • Drive more carefully in poor weather conditions and poor visibility
  • Do not drink and drive under any circumstances
  • Maintain your vehicle by doing required upkeep

If a person abides by all of the above suggestions, there is still a chance of being a car accident victim due to another’s driving. If someone is injured in a car accident, it is important they immediately contact an experienced car accident attorney to discuss their rights and potential legal claims.