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Cumberland and county’s most dangerous roads

An automobile wreck occurs every forty-two (42) minutes in Cumberland County,[i] and Fayetteville is North Carolina’s eighth-highest city for total number of automobile wrecks.[ii] Most of these automobile wrecks occur at certain times or on heavily trafficked roads. So, you may be able to avoid an automobile wreck if you know when and where it is most likely to occur.


Cumberland County drivers are most likely to get into an automobile wreck on Sundays from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM or Mondays from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.[iii]


Most Cumberland County automobile wrecks occur at four-way intersections. Some of this area’s most dangerous intersections include U.S. 401 and Morganton Road, U.S. 401 and S. Reilly Road, and U.S. 401 BUS and Hope Mills Road. Combined, these three intersections saw more than 700 automobile wrecks between 2015 and 2019.[iv]

Steps to Make Roadways Safer

There may need to be further research into what is causing the crashes and how to ease traffic volume. Officials may choose to make further changes in the area to help with congestion or to lower the speed at which traffic travels in these areas to reduce accidents or the severity of accidents. In any case, drivers who want to lower their risks of being in an auto accident may want to plan out travel that avoids these high-risk roadways. Even then, though, it is not always easy to stay safe. Anyone who finds him or herself a victim of a motor vehicle accident may want to seek the help of an attorney who understands personal injury law, like the attorneys at Britton Law.