It’s Business, And It’s Personal

How to reduce property dangers

Business owners have to put up signs, watch for dangers and fix safety hazards to ensure their commercial property remains safe.

When personal injury accidents take place in North Carolina, negligence is often a major part of the case. Automobile drivers may fail to exercise reasonable caution, which results in a crash. Business owners too can be considered negligent if they fail to put salt on an icy sidewalk or block off a set of broken stairs. While a business owner cannot possibly remove all injury possibilities from his or her property, it is possible to reduce the potential dangers for clients, customers and employees. If steps are not taken to reduce the dangers of a property, the owner may be liable for any injuries that take place.

Use signage

Warning signs can play a big role in making a property safer. In some cases, the signage may be used as a temporary fix, but in other situations the sign may be the only way to increase safety. Common signs used on commercial properties include wet floor, loose railing, keep out and uneven floors. While putting a sign up does not remove the hazard, it does warn employees and customers about the danger to ensure they can avoid the issue area.

Inspect facilities

Business managers need to regularly inspect the property both inside and outside. This allows them to keep an eye on potential dangers around the site before someone gets hurt. Workers and owners should watch for wet floors, icy sidewalks, broken railings and other hazards every day to keep the property as safe as possible. Constantly looking for safety perils may not sound like the most productive use of time, but it can help keep everyone who comes into the business safe. If a cracked sidewalk can be found and fixed before anyone trips on it, it is beneficial for both the property owner and potential customers.

Fix safety hazards

As soon as an issue has been spotted, it needs to be fixed. Straightening out rugs, cleaning up spills and moving boxes out of walkways can reduce tripping hazards. Larger fixes, like repairing plumbing, structural or electrical issues, can also help improve the overall safety of a commercial business. If the issue cannot be addressed right away, the owner should consider roping the dangerous area off or at least putting up a warning sign. Making quick repairs is an essential part of reducing property dangers.

North Carolina business owners are liable for any injuries that might happen on their properties. If an injury, whether big or small, does take place because of some type of negligence, it may be beneficial for the hurt party to work with an attorney familiar with premise liability cases.