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Dram Shop Liability In North Carolina

A Bar That Served The Drunk Driver May Be Legally Responsible

When a motor vehicle accident is caused by a drunk driver in North Carolina, it is usually very obvious who will be held liable — the drunk behind the wheel. What many people may not realize, though, is that liability can extend to individuals or businesses responsible for allowing the driver to drink too much before getting behind the wheel of a car, or for serving alcohol to minors who then cause a crash.

Under North Carolina’s dram shop laws, bar owners, restaurants and even individuals who host parties at their home may be held liable for compensating victims of drunk drivers. Finding and suing the responsible parties often requires diligent investigation and aggressive legal action to hold them accountable.

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Who Enabled The Drunk Driver To Cause An Accident?

Dram shop liability requires evidence that the liquor establishment or social host served alcohol to someone who was visibly intoxicated or under the legal drinking age. These lawsuits are tough to prove, but we are skilled and experienced lawyers who can present a well-documented and compelling case for compensation.

Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience helping our clients recover the full and fair amount of money damages they are entitled to — from every party responsible for the negligence.

We can help you recover money damages for:.

  • Medical treatment and ongoing physical therapy and care
  • Lost earnings during your recovery and over a lifetime
  • Pain and suffering

Punitive Damages May Be Available

Under North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 1D, parties found guilty of “egregiously wrongful acts” may be ordered to pay punitive damages, in addition to compensatory damages for injuries resulting from the accident. This liability may extend to bars and restaurants and other social hosts if it can be determined that gross negligence or criminal misconduct was evident in serving excessive alcohol.

No Attorneys Fees Unless You Recover Money Damages

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