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Accountability For Accidents Caused By Truck Driver Negligence

We Hold Truckers And Trucking Companies Responsible

Truck drivers have many objects in their cabs that can easily cause distraction while they are driving, including cellphones, mini-televisions, radios and other electronics. They may also try to make up lost time by speeding. Any of these things may result in an accident, usually involving a smaller vehicle. Because of the mass of a semitruck, the truck driver commonly walks away uninjured while the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle do not.

At Britton Law, we have years of experience in pursuing personal injury claims against trucking companies and their drivers who cause accidents through negligence. We know how to overcome the obstacles trucking companies and their insurance carriers place in the way of obtaining fair and full compensation for your injuries.

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Seeking And Preserving Evidence That May Show Negligence

Many trucking companies send a representative, either retained locally or from the company itself, to the accident site immediately upon report of the accident from the driver. These company representatives take pictures, fill out forms and do everything they can to mitigate the damage caused, possibly including finding ways to deflect the charges of negligence against their drivers. In other cases, the truck drivers themselves are required to do this accident mitigation at the accident scene.

If you are asked to agree to or sign anything, don’t. Instead, contact a truck driver negligence lawyer in Fayetteville before signing away your rights. We thoroughly investigate your accident, including obtaining readings from the truck’s black box, (which monitors the truck’s speed) if one has been installed. We consult with accident reconstruction experts and look for all evidence that may point to negligence on the part of the truck driver.

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