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Who can help with a business sale?

Your business may just be you, but you know that nothing can survive in a vacuum. Businesses need vendors, organizers, customers and a lot of other elements to be successful. In the same way, there are a lot of people who may be involved in a successful business sale.

  • Who are the people who can help business owners?

There are two types of professionals who may help you sell a business. A fiduciary professional has the ability to do certain things legally on behalf of a company or interest, and they also have legal responsibility for the results. Other professionals may offer advice or conduct services but the owner of a business is ultimately responsible for the consequences.

  • What sort of fiduciary professionals can help?

It may be time to sell your business

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got tired of playing with a toy? You may not have even had enough interest to put it away. We're expected to learn focus and follow through on decisions as we mature, but sometimes it is time to stop playing. We just need to have more care about how we do it these days.

For millions of small business owners around the United States, the biggest decision like this in life is when to sell their enterprise. There are quite a few good reasons someone may want to get out of a line of work. If you believe that your business and its assets are more valuable now than they ever were or will be again, then selling now will get you maximum value for your hard work.

What do I do after a bike crash?

It's never easy to think straight during or after a stressful event, and there are few events more stressful than a road accident. This is especially true for motorcyclists, as any accident at any speed has the potential for injury or even death to the rider or any passengers.

  • What is the first priority in an accident?

Some of the first things to think about may be common sense. First, make sure you are safe. If you are injured, try to tend to yourself and seek medical help. If you are not hurt, get yourself to a safe place and see if anyone else needs help.

  • What's next?

Motorcyclist injured in hit-and-run accident

Motorcycles are one of the most popular ways to get around North Carolina as we enter summer. Bikes are fun to ride and cooler for drivers in the high mountain air of the Great Smokies or the coastal plains near the Atlantic. But there are always risks when people hit the road, and the risks are greater for people on vehicles with no protection.

A Guilford County accident left a biker in the hospital and the region looking for the driver who hit him. A car apparently ran a stop sign in an intersection and the biker made a defensive move to avoid the car. He was brought to a local hospital for treatment.

Businesses can find connections to new contracts

Some of the earliest business contracts in United States history were government contracts. North Carolina was making deals with private entities and business in the 17th century. Now, government contracts are a big part of commerce for the Tar Heel State and many of the businesses based there.

Services can connect businesses with many of these opportunities. The North Carolina Military Business Center, for example, is the main interface between in-state private enterprise and the government contracts they may be competing to obtain. This simplifies the process of finding contracts and diversifies the number of businesses who apply.

Business contracts help protect all parties

It's time to write a contract. Maybe a business needs to rent a space for a retail opportunity. Maybe a commercial opportunity needs to be codified between all of the people and entities working on it. A contract can accomplish or protect a lot, as well as save time sorting out disputes in the future.

To be effective in a court of law or business dealing, a contract needs some specific elements. First of all, the document needs to address a specific objective that is a legal offer. This is usually seen as an agreement to do or provide something in exchange for something else that is recognized as valid under North Carolina law.

Business debts are not helping anyone

If you have put your passion into a business or a career, you probably want to focus on the positive even more than other people. After all, why think about the worse aspects of doing business when you love what you do? But open accounts in the red aren't doing anyone any favors.

Older debts are often harder to collect. In some cases or jurisdictions, there may even be a statute of limitations on when to initiate business collections. Also, many debtors have more than one significant debt and they may be headed towards larger problems like insolvency or bankruptcy. It's often best to initiate a claim before something like that happens to a debtor.

How do you go after a business debt?

Contracts and debts are part of doing business in America, and the nation itself was built on a delicate balance of assets and loans. It's always important to pay debts, though, as the consequences have gotten far easier to apply to the right parties as the electronic age improves records and response.

  • When is it time to go after a delinquent debt?

The term delinquency does not refer to any specific period of time after a debt has been agreed upon. This depends on the contract that covers the debt or payment in question. The range for action on an overdue debt may range between a month and a year.

  • Can't I just go after a debt myself?

Widow sues hospital over former mayor's death

Death is always a sad occurrence and people everywhere have some tradition of grieving. This is because the living need to know that they can move on and honor the lost by going on to live a rich, full life. But moving on can be harder in cases whe a death occurs suddenly.

The widow of a beloved former mayor of a town outside Raleigh is suing a regional hospital after the man died under their care. The suit involves a series of events earlier this year. The man came to the hospital with digestive issues and did not receive a requested diagnostic procedure before other treatment and a surgical procedure. The procedure was quickly followed by sepsis, a systemic infection that frequently proves fatal.

Talcum powder lawsuits raise questions of limitations

It's not simple to prove some was criminally liable for a murder, but it is often the goal of court proceedings. It can be even more complicated to demonstrate that someone caused a death without a criminal act. But that is exactly what civil courts can do after an untimely death through a wrongful death claim.

Companies and corporations can also be liable for events or products that led to serious injury or death. One of the largest torts of the 21st century so far involves personal hygiene products that may have caused serious medical problems. A manufacturer of talcum powder, marketed as a dryness aid, may have underreported the hazards connected with its stock.

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