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Negligent overloading a factor in commercial truck accidents

Commercial truck accidents involving overloads are shown by statistics year after year to be some of the most prevalent truck hazards on the road in North Carolina and all around the country. An unbalanced payload, especially when an unqualified or inattentive truck driver is at the wheel, can create a loss of control that could end in serious injuries or death in a semi-truck accident. Even if the truck isn't overloaded, an unbalanced load due to negligence by a truck company may cause a fatal 18-wheeler accident.

Truck driver fatigue or the irresponsible actions of a drunk truck driver can cause a head-on collision or other kind of truck accident, but an overloaded semi can amplify the danger even for responsible, rested and attentive operators. Even without a crash, the costs of maintaining a truck that is consistently overloaded or unbalanced are far higher than those loaded and operated properly. Surveys regarding fleet maintenance often name overloading as the top reason for unscheduled truck maintenance that costs money and time not spent on the road.

Getting ready to sell a business

Making money is not the only reason an entrepreneur may want to sell a business. Some owners want to solidify their work and make the business and its employees a legacy for the future. Before doing so, however, North Carolina entrepreneurs who decide to sell their business should consider certain factors.

Having a well-developed plan and clear idea of what type of future the business should have must be decided before selling the business. Including the management team in the planning can increase the odds of achieving the desired outcome.

A snapshot of a tech business for sale

Financial and tech experts interested in who is buying and selling businesses are keeping a close eye on what's happening with GoPro, the maker of action cameras. The brand is so well known in its sector of the industry that many consumers in North Carolina and around the country cannot name any other. That has created a lot of possible acquisition interest in the company, but GoPro execs have stated that, while they are open to selling, they are not as yet actively pursuing buyers.

GoPro would likely partner with a bigger tech company in the face of rapidly declining market demand for its products. The company's falling stock price rallied slightly at the news of its hiring an investment banking firm. However, upcoming waves of difficult regulatory issues in the U.S. and U.K. have made it apparent the stock is likely to continue on its downward slope, and heightened the importance of finding someone seeking to purchase a business that may no longer be able to stand on its own.

Defensive driving tips for motorcyclists

Taking a motorcycle out on the roads of North Carolina represents a genuine pleasure for some people. Because motorcycles leave their riders physically exposed, motorcyclists should exercise great caution and employ specific strategies that could reduce the chances of accident and injury.

When a biker passes another vehicle, the motorcycle enters the blind spots of other drivers. As much speed as is safely possible should be used to limit time spent in blind spots. Before moving in and out of lanes, motorcyclists need to triple-check that they have space to complete the pass. When vehicles pass a motorcyclist, the operator might avoid hazards, like large mirrors or wind gusts, by traveling in the center of the lane.

Teen motorcyclists, and how they can stay safe

Ninety percent of motorcyclists who are involved in a crash had no formal training in how to ride a motorcycle. It's essential that teenage motorcyclists should know how to stay safe on the road before heading out. There are some safety tips that can apply to motorcyclists in North Carolina and the rest of the U.S.

The first thing is for teens to attend a training course before going out with their motorcycles. Completing such a course may, as an added incentive, lead to discounts on motorcycle insurance. Next, teens should purchase the right safety gear. Denim or leather jackets and pants should be sufficient for protecting the arms and legs. Clothing should be reflective, however. Gloves, over-the-ankle boots, and shatterproof goggles are also a must.

How a seller mentality may benefit fast-casual restaurant owners

Even when a restaurant is not currently for sale, Pennsylvania entrepreneurs may want to be prepared to explore the potential benefits of this type of transaction. It's fast-casual restaurants, in particular, that tend to be appealing to buyers since this niche is expected to be a $70 billion industry. Consequently, there may be opportunities available some owners are not considering.

Some restaurant owners are under the impression that buying and selling businesses isn't something to consider when everything is fine and revenue flow is healthy. But it's often when a fast-casual restaurant is thriving that such businesses become more attractive to buyers looking to acquire a solid, established business. Having a "for-sale" mindset provides an added incentive for owners to avoid becoming complicate when everything is going well. Doing so may eventually affect a restaurant's performance and appeal to potential buyers.

Preparing to sell a North Carolina business

Many business owners envision a time at which they will sell their companies. It is important for them to understand the process so that they might avoid making some errors.

One of the most common mistakes that business owners make is not engaging in sufficient planning before they offer their companies for sale. Ideally, they should prepare for an eventual sale for several years in advance. Good preparation can help owners to get the true value of their businesses rather than selling them at a discount.

The importance of a business sale team

Typically, a business is sold after the conclusion of a lengthy process in which a seller prepares the company to be purchased for as much as possible. To get maximum value for a company, a business owner in North Carolina or elsewhere may need to spend as much as a year preparing for the sale. It may also take time to find the right buyer and the right offer to maximize the purchase price.

Ideally, a business owner will assemble a team that will help throughout the sale process. For instance, the sale team may help to create a valuation for the company and make sure to take tax and other issues into consideration. This team will also be responsible for making sure that the due diligence process is carried out promptly. An advisory panel should be made up of those who an owner trusts to provide advice and guidance regarding the sale of the company.

How companies can get what they are owed

In most cases, business owners in North Carolina don't have to worry about customers not paying their bills. According to the Credit Research Foundation, delinquencies are rarely longer than seven days. However, if a customer is delinquent on a payment, it may take tact to resolve the issue. Treading too lightly may result in a customer who doesn't pay. Of course, being too mean to a customer may result in a lost relationship.

As an overall rule, it makes sense to pursue large balances as opposed to smaller ones. Furthermore, business owners should also take care to not write off too many small balances throughout the year. Ideally, a business will take into account who the customer is when deciding on a course of action. Family members or typically reliable customers may not need a lot of encouragement to make a payment in a timely manner.

Uniform Power of Attorney Act going into effect in the New Year

North Carolina has enacted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act which becomes effective January 1, 2018. The new Act does not revoke any existing powers of attorney executed prior to January 1, 2018.  

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