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Tips for CMV drivers who want to avert drowsiness

Drowsy driving is a serious concern for CMV operators in North Carolina and across the U.S. According to the FMCSA's Large Truck Crash Causation Study, 13% of truckers were discovered at the time of their accidents to be drowsy. Fatigue can come with long hours and a lack of sound sleep, but it is preventable. Below are some tips for preventing drowsiness and for addressing it when it does arise.

It all starts with adequate sleep. To improve the quality of their sleep, truckers should try not to go to bed either after a heavy meal or with an empty stomach. In addition, they may want to avoid driving during those times when the body is naturally tired, such as the period between midnight and 6 a.m. and between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Key considerations when buying and selling businesses

When buying and selling businesses in North Carolina, there are many aspects to consider. Those selling the business will want to maximize its value. Those who buy a business will need to know what they are buying. This is true whether it is a large, small or medium-sized business.

Understanding fundamentals is important. It can be confusing to formulate an accurate value when selling or buying. This goes beyond money and sales figures. These are important, but net profitability is essential to get an accurate appraisal. That includes assets, profits, tax costs, expenses and more. Assets fall into two categories: tangible and intangible. Tangible includes real estate, computers, vehicles and equipment. Intangible assets could be intellectual property, customer lists, how recognizable the brand is and similar factors. These should be valued.

The dangers of truck driver fatigue

Tractor-trailers are a common sight on North Carolina highways. Since these commercial trucks are so big, they can cause a lot of damage, especially in the event of a collision with a passenger vehicle. There are several causes of big rig collisions, including truck driver distraction and negligent truck maintenance. However, one of the more common issues is truck driver fatigue.

In its most recent Large Truck Causation Study, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that more than 10% of truck drivers involved in accidents were sleep-deprived at the time of their crashes. There are several reasons for this, including the number of hours spent behind the wheel without an adequate break as well as the pressure that is exerted on drivers by some employers to make on-time deliveries. The FMCSA has published some tips for truck drivers to follow that could lessen the chance of an accident.

Common mistakes companies make during the sale process

Selling a business can be both an exciting and challenging time in a North Carolina owner's life. Therefore, it is important for those who are thinking about selling their companies to avoid as many errors as possible when doing so. For instance, it is rarely a good idea to inflate a company's financial figures. At some point during the due diligence process, a buyer is going to verify those numbers on its own.

Companies may try to take advantage of accounting loopholes or try to include the full value of an office or other shared expenses as an add-back. While taking such a step may make it look like the company is doing great financially, it can also damage the rapport between the buyer and seller. In some cases, it could be enough to kill a deal entirely.

How to prepare a business for sale

Business owners in North Carolina and throughout the country who want to sell their companies in the future could benefit from planning for that sale today. When buyers evaluate a company that they want to purchase, they want to see that the company is led by competent managers. Therefore, it can be a good idea to start helping employees transition to their future roles as leaders within the organization.

Those who want to sell their companies are encouraged to organize their financial data. A prospective buyer will want to see three to five years' worth of sales figures and other financial statements. This helps them get a better idea of how much money the company makes today and can make years and decades after the sale is completed. While organizing the books, it is important to remove as many personal expenditures as possible.

Sleep apnea a danger to U.S. roads

Truck drivers in North Carolina and elsewhere are around 11 times more likely to suffer from sleep apnea than the general population, according to research. This is concerning because the disorder often makes people feel excessively drowsy during waking hours, which could lead to serious commercial truck accidents.

There are three main types of sleep apnea: central, complex and obstructive. However, truck drivers are most likely to suffer from obstructive, which occurs when someone's mouth palate and throat muscles collapse while he or she is sleeping. This causes the sufferer to temporarily stop breathing and wake up gasping for breath multiple times each night.

Roadcheck inspections set to increase

Every year in North Carolina and around the country, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts an International Road check inspection. Typically occurring over a 72-hour period, law enforcement will increase checks with a greater focus on certain driver requirements. These checks will include reviews of electronic logging devices, seat belt use, commercial driver's license endorsements, medical cards and records of duty status.

Usually, this review in federal trucking regulations occurs each year in June with the intent of preventing commercial truck accidents. However, organizers are open to holding the inspections during any month with favorable weather conditions.

Strategies to avoid mistakes with business transactions

For many North Carolina residents, there is a sense of self-satisfaction and achievement that can be achieved by purchasing a business. However, despite the pride in entrepreneurship, there are common mistakes people make when purchasing an existing business. Preventing them could be fundamental to success.

Avoiding these mistakes takes planning, preparation and understanding. The financial aspects of buying a business can be substantial. Some people overextend themselves to complete the purchase. Going beyond what is reasonably affordable is a tactical error that can have extensive ramifications. Other aspects of the business such as paying for overhead, daily costs, advertising and more will likely suffer.

Three rules to consider when looking for big brand customers

Adding a big brand or corporate customer to a business owner's list of clients definitely has its benefits. Big companies spend on products and services even when the market faces uncertainty, and this can keep a smaller business afloat or even help them thrive while their competition struggles. It also gives a business credibility. Entrepreneurs in North Carolina may be interested in learning three rules on how to sell a business to a big brand.

First, in-person interactions still matter. Of course, digital and content marketing have their place in the modern world. But face-to-face experiences will accelerate the process of building a good rapport with a big brand and gaining their trust.

Wrongful death suit filed in wake of fatal dive boat fire

North Carolina residents may remember hearing about the fire that erupted on a dive boat off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, in September 2019. It claimed 34 lives and has given rise to three lawsuits. In the third lawsuit, the boat's owners and the captain stand accused not only of being negligent but also of callously trying to limit their liability for the fire.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is still looking for the cause of the fire itself. It is believed that some lithium-ion batteries, used to power diving equipment, were being charged in an area without adequate fire protection.

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