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Ways to make a business more attractive to buyers

Business owners in North Carolina and all across the country put time, resources and effort into building a solid company. They are proud of the businesses they have created. However, many business owners reach a point where they want to move on. They may want to start a different venture or focus on different aspects of their life, so they opt to sell their business.

Business owners want to sell their business for the maximum price possible. In order to achieve this goal, a business owner should look at their business from the standpoint of a potential buyer. When a buyer considers purchasing a new business, they are making an investment. They want to see the best and quickest return on their investment. They may be interested in learning about the profitability of the business, but profitability does not just mean cash in the bank at the end of the week. Businesses with a high cash flow are the most appealing to potential buyers.

Truck drivers say negligent motorists are the top safety concern

Passenger vehicle drivers in North Carolina and around the country should drive more carefully around large commercial vehicles according to a poll of the nation's truck drivers. The fleet management services company Teletrac Navman invited commercial vehicle drivers to share their thoughts about improving road safety during a month-long contest, and impatient passenger vehicle motorists cutting them off or squeezing into small gaps in traffic was their most commonly cited concern.

Speeding, distraction and drowsy driving were also issues that worried many truck drivers. Almost one in five of the contest participants said that excessive speed was one of their primary concerns, and many voiced fears about distracted motorists or other truck drivers who remain behind the wheel despite being dangerously fatigued.

Water Safety Guide For Parents of Young Children

I have a healthy concern for children and water safety which comes from the perspective of both a mother and of a lawyer who has seen some of the worst that can happen. The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Safety For Kids is a good and thorough resource to familiarize yourself with, especially if you have young children.

Creating a travel business

North Carolina residents who want to run their own business and are interested in travel may want to consider opening a travel company. While creating such an enterprise may seem like a great idea, it does require significant work.

There are many different types of travel businesses entrepreneurs have the option of creating. They can range from a travel agency to an online shop that offers travel-related merchandise. When considering what type to open, entrepreneurs should be prepared to conduct in-depth comparisons, which can make deciding on a business type a little easier.

How to prepare for a business purchase

People in North Carolina who are thinking about starting or buying a business should keep several factors in mind. It is important for an entrepreneur to take the time to research and think about their options before they start or buy a company. This will lead to a greater chance at success.

There are many different types of businesses, making the choice of what type of company to open potentially overwhelming. It might be smart for entrepreneurs to do something that they are familiar with. While starting in a brand new industry might be exciting, it will require a significant amount of research and time to get started.

Automated tech being developed for motorcycles

Motorcyclists in North Carolina may be thrilled to hear that some companies are now focused on creating automated-driving technology for motorcycles. This is a big step at least in innovation, and there's no doubt that others will follow suit in the effort to make motorcyclists safer. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 28 times as many motorcycle fatalities per mile traveled in 2016 than there were vehicle fatalities.

Auto parts supplier Bosch and a Canadian startup called Damon X Labs are just two companies that intend to create driver-assistance systems for motorcyclists. Bosch intends to fit motorcycles with adaptive cruise control, which can accelerate and decelerate in the effort to avoid collisions.

Brake Safety Week to target commercial motor vehicles

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced that its Brake Safety Week will take place from September 16 to 22. Certified personnel will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles to identify vehicles with brake violations and remove them from the road. North Carolina is part of CVSA's Region II. Poorly maintained or improperly installed brakes on commercial vehicles increase the danger to drivers.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, conducted a study titled Large Truck Crash Causation Study. According to the LTCC study, 32.7 percent of trucks that had pre-crash violations also had problems with their brakes. Of large trucks involved in crashes where braking was critical, 45.5 percent were found to have brake violations. Where braking was not a relevant factor in the crash, 29.9 percent of trucks involved had brake violations.

Information about merging, buying, or selling a business

Transactions involving an established North Carolina business involves a lot of complex agreements between parties that may not have the exact same interests. In an asset purchase, the buyer purchases all or a certain portion of the company's assets while taking on certain of its liabilities. This allows the buyer to take on a limited amount of risk while retaining a portion of ownership for the owner.

In a stock purchase, the purchaser buyers all the company's stock directly from the owner for cash or some other type of agreement. Once the deal is closed, the target company becomes a subsidiary of the purchaser. This type of transaction may be simpler but not as tax efficient for the buyer. For the previous owners of the target company, it may actually be more tax efficient because all earnings would be capital gains.

Using reverse mergers

Business owners in North Carolina who want to take their private business public have multiple options. One option, a reverse merger, is a cheaper, shorter and simpler alternative to a conventional initial public offering. Its process involves using an investment bank to underwrite shares of the company and then issue them.

Using an investment bank to help bring a company public can be beneficial. This is because the bank will file the regulatory paperwork and assist authorities with reviewing the deal. It will also help create interest in the stock.

What to know about acquiring a company

When buying an existing company in North Carolina, it is important to properly structure the deal. One way to do so is through an asset purchase. In such a scenario, a buyer could purchase all the assets a company owns. It is also possible to purchase specific assets such as a trademark, a certain division of the business or whatever makes sense to the buyer. As a general rule, the buyer assumes all the liabilities that come with the assets purchased.

Instead of buying assets, an individual or company could purchase another company's stock. This can provide tax advantages for the seller as there is only one level of taxation. However, the buyer does not get a step-up in basis. Unfortunately, this could lead to larger tax bills in the future. Furthermore, this strategy works best when there are a limited number of owners to buy from.

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