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Mother files wrongful death lawsuit after criminal trial

When you lose a loved one, it is hard to know what to do next. This is especially true if the cause was unexpected or even violent. Although financial damages may be the last thing on your mind, a financial future may depend on it and someone's careless or malevolent decision should not go unanswered.

Although a lawsuit may begin whether or not there are criminal charges surrounding the matter of a death, a prosecutor deciding to file charges against a person or people is a good indication they may be considered liable under civil law as well.

Think of the future after someone has passed

There is nothing anyone can say to comfort you when a loved one disappears from your life. Your family, your community and your place of worship are there to love and support you but the wisest among them know that the sweetest words cannot alleviate the pain that replaces the absence beside you.

Even other people who have lost their own loved ones may be unable to find the right words to say. Companionship and support are the greatest gifts that friends and family have for us in these difficult times. When it comes to recovery, a phase we all must enter after a major loss, there is often little replacement for economic security.

How can businesses protect themselves from debt?

No one goes into business thinking about debt, but it's a big part of how capital moves around. Many business owners remember going into debt just to make their dreams a possibility. So that can confuse issues when you are the one who is owed and you need to find ways to collect.

  • What are the options if someone hasn't paid?

If businesses find that a client or contractor has not only delayed but failed to pay bills, the managers or owners may send an account to collections. This can mean a variety of things, but it largely has to do with acknowledging it is less likely to get paid the longer time goes on without payment or communication.

  • Who is empowered to enforce collections?

Collections may be easier with prior planning

It's not easy when you are forced to put an account in collections. People who owe your business money may be valued clients and require hand-holding, while any effort put into recovering what you are owed is taken away from projects and operations.

The process, however, does not have to be too bad if you approach it strategically. That often means planning before an account would ever be delinquent enough to require action.

Motorcycle crashes are more common in certain road conditions

When you're on the twisting roads high up in the Great Smoky Mountains or Nantahala Forest, you can tell you're dealing with different circumstances that on I-95 or I-40. There are a lot of reasons this may be true, but they all matter to motorcycle safety.

Tight curves are often part of bike crashes, especially if bikers are going into them too fast. It's usually worth it to control speed before going into curves, especially if the other side cannot be seen. Most vehicles can barely change speeds in curves, let alone motorcycles that only have two wheels.

Durham biker killed in hit-and-run accident

Anyone who has been on a motorcycle knows that a split-second decision can be the difference between getting to your destination and getting into serious trouble. A pothole, a patch of loose gravel or a car's bumper can spell disaster for a biker because the slightest problem can lead to serious damage or personal trauma.

This is especially true when others make mistakes on the road around us. A motorcyclist was killed in Durham when a car cut him off by turning left into his path. Cars and trucks making turns are a common factor in serious motorcycle crashes.

Which business contract clauses come up the most?

Are business contracts complicated? Yes, almost all the time. This is why many successful business owners have attorneys dedicated to the task of writing and reading them. But it never hurts people who are subject to business contracts to understand the basic terms they include.

  • What are the most common clauses that show up in business contracts?

A recent study found that the same four clauses come up in many types of contracts. They include indemnification, terms of business, limitations on liability or damage and the representation class of clauses.

  • What does any of this mean?

Breach of contracts don't have to involve courtrooms

Writing contracts are a big part of business, and lawyers are often best involved on both sides of a deal so the text of an agreement is clear and stands up in court. One of the most important parts of the business environment involves the feeling of trust and faith in a shared system -- but that means every party to a business agreement has to uphold their end of a bargain.

Violations in contracts have to be managed appropriately, and that starts with recognizing them when they happen. There are two main types of violations, or breaches, of contractual obligation. The first type is an "immaterial" breach, which is when something rather trivial happens against the agreement, like a delivery that's a day overdue but doesn't affect the usefulness of the product to the recipient or an ethical clause violation without a real consequence.

3 truck crashes cause chaos on Triangle highways

If you have ever driven past a tractor-trailer crash, you have seen the awe-inspiring force that a moving truck carries with it. Semis that go off the road may end up plowing through trees, leaving ruts in the dirt that are several feet deep. So imagine if a truck plows through other vehicles with people inside them.

Some days or weeks can seem more prone to crashes than others. Holiday weekends, with increased traffic across the country, can bring extra danger to the roads of North Carolina. A single recent day had three tractor-trailer crashes that turned highways around the Research Triangle into a nightmare.

Truck accident kills 5 in Charlotte before trooper is injured

If you have ever had to rent your own moving truck, you know the differences between your daily commute and weaving a storage container through traffic. Trucks are less maneuverable with more volume to carry, and the weight of heavier vehicles can cause a disaster at any speed even when they are empty.

An accident involving a box truck claimed several lives and even led to the injury of a state trooper near Charlotte. The truck was in an outer lane of Interstate 485 when another vehicle collided with it. The accident ended up encompassing two other vehicles when the truck crossed the median into oncoming traffic.

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