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North Carolina business interest buys bank out of state

Some people grow up with the dream of starting their own businesses. Perhaps it was an entrepreneurial spirit that came from their families, or maybe it was a desire to strike out on one's own in a world full of conformity. Any way one wants it, the American Dream somehow involves a vision of being one's own boss.

Sometimes, the right choice is to buy a business with an existing structure, network and market. This is especially a good choice for people who may have begun their own enterprise and are looking to diversify or switch directions. It is also a good move for investors and larger business interests.

Drivers can do more to avoid motorcycle collisions

There are obvious risks in life and there are hidden ones. The risks that are hard to spot are the ones that can keep us awake at night. It's hard to imagine having to wake up with the knowledge that one could have prevented a serious injury or a death, but that is often the case for a driver who has struck a motorcycle.

Motorcycles are agile vehicles, with greater acceleration and maneuverability than any car or truck with four wheels. But they are also harder to see, especially when they are seen from head-on. Even the profile view can be deceptive and requires a second look to clear it before a turn.

Late night Motorcycle crash kills man in Durham

Motorcycles are as much a part of modern life in North Carolina as horses were part of its early history. Although plenty of people were injured or even killed in accidents related to horses in Tar Heel past, it is far more likely for a motorcycle crash to lead to serious trauma, permanent disability or death.

Much of this is due to the lack of protection that bikes of all types afford their drivers and passengers. Protecting clothing and helmets can reduce the risk to bikers but no outer walls and the potential for great speed can spell disaster. This is especially true when drivers of cars and trucks act negligently or irresponsibly.

What can be part of a wrongful death lawsuit?

It's so difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one, even when their passing may have been predicted. The news is even harder when it is a surprise. Sometimes, there is nothing to do but begin the process of grieving. If someone was at fault for a person's death, however, it may be time to seek financial damages.

How does someone start considering financial damages?

North Carolina murder case spawns a wrongful death lawsuit

The criminal justice system exists to punish the offender for the damage done to society. At the same time, the civil court system is there to try and make people whole after they have been the victim of a crime or violation of some kind.

This is true for crimes as grave as murder, as the estates of victims may sue a person suspected of causing their death. If someone's negligence was a factor in a traffic accident, for example, that person may be liable for wrongful death. Someone who consciously or maliciously created circumstances leading to death, the same would be true.

North Carolina companies may refocus on military contracts

If you're in North Carolina, there's a higher chance than most states that you have some experience with the military. A large proportion of Tar Heels end up serving in the Army, Navy or Air Force. Camp Lejeune and other military installations in the state also bring a lot of civilians jobs that serve and interact with military personnel.

One would think that translates to a large proportion of corporate contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense. However, North Carolina companies won around $3.3 billion in defense contracts in 2017, far less than many states that have up to 8% of their annual revenue in defense.

Charlotte goes solar with new power purchase agreement

If a small business is setting up a vendor relationship or signing a client, it may be cause for celebration but not much pomp and bureaucracy. It may be relatively easy to set a goal for the interaction and communicate them with all parties. But details should always be secured in business by some sort of contract.

This is more true when it comes to corporate contracts and arrangements for services. Corporate deals, real estate purchases or even employment agreements often require lengthy contracts to work out the details and expectations over a longer period of time or through more interactions, including partners and subsidiaries.

To sell or purchase a business, certain factors are important

North Carolina residents who are planning to purchase a business or sell one should consider the entire process beforehand. Being prepared for every eventuality is critical. There are certain factors to think about as part of the process, specifically when selling a business.

Those experienced in business sales will understand the fundamental aspects of the sale, even aspects owners have not considered. The foundation for the sale happens long before it is sold. People might want to think about the prospects of selling the business years before they plan to sell as the way the business is run can be crucial in its sale. This is true from the culture to its organization and its growth potential. When deciding to sell, ignoring the business could cause problems. Before it is sold, it is imperative to remain vigilant and maintain it.

How fracking can be hazardous for drivers

Drivers on North Carolina roads could be put in danger because of the actions of companies that engage in hydraulic fracturing. Primarily, an increase in fracking activity results in increased traffic in areas that don't necessarily have large populations. Therefore, they may not have the infrastructure needed to allow trucks carrying wastewater to get to and from their destinations safely. A researcher from the University of Illinois analyzed accident data from the Bakken Formation in North Dakota from 2006 to 2014 to come to this conclusion.

According to the professor's research, the fatal accident rate increased by 8% when there was a post-fracking well six miles from a road. That translates to 17 additional fatal crashes in the area caused by the presence of fracking companies. The researcher gave many different suggestions as to how fracking companies could minimize the risks that they pose to others in the community.

Questions to ask when buying a company

Entrepreneurs in North Carolina may decide that they want skip the startup phase of owning a company. Instead of creating a company from scratch, they will buy a business that already has brand recognition and systems in place. While it may be easier to make money with an established company, it is still important to do due diligence before making a purchase.

One of the key questions to ask is why the current owner is selling his or her business. For instance, an individual may have put a company up for sale because that person anticipates a future disruption to the market. Of course, it is also possible that a business owner simply wants to retire or do something else with his or her life. Buyers may not want to purchase companies that are on the market because they have a poor brand reputation.

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