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Reducing the odds of being in a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents may cause significant injury or death to North Carolina residents. Taking driver safety courses as well as wearing safety gear may help a rider reduce the odds of an accident or the impact of a collision. It may also help to understand the most common types of motorcycle accidents as this may make it easier for a rider to avoid dangerous situations.

Cars making left turns in front of motorcyclists is one of the most common reasons why motorcycle crashes take place. Such accidents may be avoided by looking for clues that a vehicle is about to turn. Riding at a reasonable speed for road conditions may make it easier to avoid crashes involving gravel or other debris on the road. In some cases, debris may be hidden around the bend in a road, which means that there may be little time to react.

Motorcycles and passengers

There are certain steps motorcycle riders in North Carolina can take to make sure they and their passengers remain safe while on the road. By being extra aware, getting the right amount of practice and using good coordination, riding a motorcycle can be safe and fun.

Motorcycle operators who want to carry passengers on their motorcycle may benefit greatly from taking a motorcycle safety course, such as the course that is provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Before getting on any busy highways and roads, motorcyclists should also first try driving around with a passenger in areas that have low traffic and that do not pose as much risk for accidents.

How an ESOP could help businesses survive

Many North Carolina entrepreneurs may be hesitant to plan for business succession. However, it is an important process that could prevent people from losing their jobs. Creating a succession plan may be even more important today as rough one of every two business owners are between the ages of 53 and 71.

All told, Baby Boomer small business owners employ 24.7 million people in the United States. Without a succession plan, the companies that employ these people could simply shut down if the owner dies or is otherwise unable to run the company. While some might benefit by passing ownership of a business to a younger family member, this only works about one-third of the time. It may be best for some business owners to transfer ownership of their companies to employees instead.

How motorcyclists stay safe when group riding

Though group riding is a favorite activity of many motorcyclists, riders should keep in mind that it comes with certain risks. The tips that experts give regarding motorcycle safety apply here in North Carolina as well as in the rest of the U.S.

While safety in numbers is a good general rule, smaller groups are safer when it comes to group riding. In a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, many motorcyclists said they felt most comfortable in groups of 10 or fewer.

Crucial steps when buying a business

The purchase of an existing business offers entrepreneurs in North Carolina a chance to skip the risks and hard work of launching an enterprise from scratch. A business buyer gets to acquire an operation with revenue, customers and other valuable assets. However, the buyer must generally go through a long process before completing a purchase. The entrepreneur should conduct a careful search to find an opportunity that fits personal skills and lifestyle goals.

When someone does identify a business for sale, the process of due diligence will vet the business prior to a commitment to buy. The investigation into the value of the company and its books will generally require the assistance of an accountant and business valuation consultant. An accountant will scrutinize records to see if they appear valid and alert the buyer to missing or questionable information. A valuation consultant should consider factors beyond revenue and assets. Issues like the possibility of clients leaving when the original owner sells could severely impact the value of a company.

Staying safe while on a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle on North Carolina or other roadways may have the potential to be hazardous in certain situations. For instance, attempting to pass or be passed by another vehicle could pose risks such as gusty winds or items being thrown out of a car. When passing another vehicle, motorcyclists are encouraged to check multiple times to ensure that the other lane is clear and that other vehicles are given plenty of space.

When riding in moderate or heavy traffic, motorcyclists are encouraged to remain as visible as possible. This may mean staying out of a vehicle's blind spot or refraining from riding alongside other vehicles. When passing through intersections, riders should keep their bikes as close to the center of the road as possible for extra visibility. Riding with the headlights on may make a motorcycle more visible to other drivers on the road.

AAA study finds advanced truck safety technologies save lives

Many North Carolina motorists may feel a little uneasy when driving next to a large truck. However, a new study finds that improved safety technologies have the potential to prevent approximately 63,000 truck collisions each year, making U.S. roads safer for everyone.

According to the study, which was conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety over a 15-month period, there were over 400,000 truck-related crashes in 2015. These crashes caused 116,000 injuries and 4,000 fatalities, which represented a 4 percent jump over 2014. However, the study found that many truckers and truck companies are installing advanced safety technologies on large trucks in order to reduce accidents and help average drivers feel more comfortable sharing the road with them. These technologies include air disc brakes, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning systems and video-based onboard safety monitors.

How to properly value a business

It is important for North Carolina business owners to know how much their company is worth at all times. Understanding how much a company may be worth today can help when it comes to future growth and tax planning. It may also be helpful when attempting to secure a business loan or when seeking an influx of capital. One way to determine how much a business is worth is by finding out how much its assets may be worth.

Anything that helps a company generate revenue can be considered an asset. Therefore, the value of trademarks or online stores can be counted in this calculation. It may also be possible to determine how much a company is worth by determining how much it could get if it were liquidated. Business owners may also want to determine how much their business is worth by comparing it to other companies of similar size and in similar industries.

How to complete the sale of a business

Business owners in North Carolina and elsewhere may not want to hold their companies for much longer. A change in economic conditions could significantly impact an owner's ability to get top dollar for his or her company. To begin the sales process, it is a good idea to perform a valuation and create a reasonable price range for the company. This may be done by looking at recent sales and other relevant information.

The next step is to evaluate how taxes will impact the sale. It may be a good idea to consult with both tax and estate planning attorneys to create the most efficient structure for the sale that provides tax efficiency to the buyer as well. To get the most for the company, audited financial statements should be made available to buyers.

The keys to selling a company

Selling a business in North Carolinam, or anywhere else, can be stressful. There is always the real possibility of setbacks, including transactions falling through unexpectedly, and sometimes at the last minute. Preparing for the sale is often a key aspect of its success. The first step is gathering, analyzing and organizing financial information.

It is also the step in which a valuation is placed on the company prior to putting it on the market. Once all this work is done, it is now time to market the company, and this is generally done with the help of a business broker. If the preparation process was done correctly, it will generally be easier for the broker to market the company and begin talks with prospective buyers.

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