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February 2012 Archives

Survey reveals doctors are not always honest with patients

When you visit your physician after experiencing abnormal health problems or concerns, you are putting complete trust in your doctor to diagnosis and treat your symptoms as effectively as possible. You also probably expect your doctor to be completely honest with you regarding what could be causing your health to suffer. However, a recently published study suggests that medical professionals in Fayetteville and throughout the entire country may not be as honest with their patients as we would all like to think.

Fatal car accidents involving teens on the rise in North Carolina

Drivers and passengers are injured or killed every week on our North Carolina roads, but a new study suggests that teens may be more at risk of being involved in a fatal car accident compared to others.

Social service blamed for North Carolina girl's wrongful death

Whenever the Fayetteville community learns about the death of a child, many are overcome by grief as well as a renewed appreciation for their families. But when the death of a child is caused by someone else's negligent actions, such as drunk driving or a mistake during surgery, the tragic event oftentimes creates a sense of urgency within the community to make sure that no other child or family is affected by similar acts of negligence.

Fatal motor vehicle, truck accident caused by fire and fog

As many of our Fayetteville readers might recall, a tragic chain of events on a Florida highway on Jan. 29 claimed the lives of 11 people. While the Florida Highway Patrol continues to investigate the incident, other highway agencies including the North Carolina Highway Patrol may consider reviewing policies regarding when to keep highways closed or open. Trucking companies may also want to consider making sure that policies address the appropriate actions drivers should take when they come across dangerous road conditions in order to prevent serious or fatal truck accidents.

Courtesy and safer driving

I read in "Dear Abby" recently (Fayetteville Observer, February 16, 2012) about Motorists suggest ways to signal 'I'm sorry.' HOW TRUE!! The gist of the write up was a Mild-Mannered Motorist in Virginia asking for a hand signal to indicate "I'm Sorry" to fellow drivers when mistakes are made behind the wheel. Here are some of the suggestions from the column:

Hospital sued by 11 North Carolina patients over doctor's abuse

Medical malpractice can happen under a variety of circumstances in Fayetteville and throughout the entire state of North Carolina. A doctor could mistakenly perform surgery on the wrong side of a patient's body, a nurse could fail to properly monitor a patient who has been given a strong painkiller and a hospital's inadequate policies and procedures could certainly jeopardize the health and safety of patients.

More details released about fatal drunk driving crash in Raleigh

Last month on our Fayetteville, North Carolina, personal injury law blog, we discussed a tragic accident involving two teens from Millbrook High School in Raleigh. Prior to the accident, witnesses reported that the students were at a party where the teen driver of the vehicle had been drinking. While driving home from the party, the teen driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree. He was treated for his injuries at a local hospital, but the passenger in his vehicle was killed.

Lane-keeping tech could reduce fatigue-related car accidents in North Carolina

Every year people get into car accidents in the Fayetteville-area caused by drowsiness, fatigue or inattentiveness. A new, commercially available technology may help reduce the number of those car accidents, but the technology may also present new driving safety issues.

North Carolina Highway Patrol out to catch distracted drivers

Last month on our Fayetteville personal injury law blog, we discussed a fatal car accident that the North Carolina Highway Patrol speculated was a result of distracted driving. We have also previously discussed the concerns of lawmakers across the U.S. who believe distracted driving can be especially dangerous. Like drunk drivers, drivers who text or talk on their cell phones are more likely to make mistakes that attentive drivers do not typically make.

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