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Are some of our Fayetteville roads too dangerous for motorists?

Many factors can contribute to a serious auto accident on our Fayetteville roads. As we have recently discussed on our personal injury law blog, driver fatigue, intoxication, distraction and other types of negligence can all lead to drivers making serious mistakes that can have fatal consequences.

Victims' families win wrongful death lawsuit over school shooting

No one can predict when someone else might suddenly commit a violent act. However, property owners in North Carolina and throughout the entire U.S. do have some responsibility to make sure that their premises offer adequate security for guests, patrons, employees, residents and students. Additionally, owners have a responsibility to ensure that proper procedures and policies are in place to address what steps should be taken in the event of an assault or attack on one's property.

Passenger killed in Fayetteville crash, driver allegedly drunk

Sometimes drivers make mistakes on our Fayetteville roads. Maybe a driver failed to judge how quickly another vehicle ahead was stopping and rear-ended the car. Maybe a driver thought that he or she could safely drive at the posted speed limit on a wet road and crashed into a ditch.

U.S. to conduct more studies on effectiveness of rearview cameras

Some believe that the use of a rearview back-up camera installed in vehicles can help to significantly reduce the number of car accidents that occur each year in the U.S. including fatal pedestrian accidents involving children.

Do drivers really save money by opting for no auto insurance?

Fayetteville drivers -- as well as every other driver in the U.S. -- must purchase auto insurance in order to legally drive on our North Carolina roads. However, some states allow drivers to legally drive without auto insurance under certain circumstances. Although this option may seem appealing to those who would like to save money by not having to pay for insurance, this practice may result in costlier consequences for motorists.

North Carolina woman wants tougher laws for trucking industry

Last summer, a North Carolina woman learned that her husband had been killed when his vehicle was hit head-on by a commercial truck. Police later reported that the truck driver had fallen asleep while driving on the busy interstate.

Doctors find heartbeat hours after pronouncing child dead

Parents want nothing more than to know that their children are healthy and happy. Whenever children do get sick or suffer from serious health complications, Fayetteville parents oftentimes put their complete trust in pediatricians and other medical professionals to properly diagnose and treat their children so that they can get better.

Bad driving habits of teen drivers may predict auto accidents

Many of us have probably seen a motorist driving poorly on our Fayetteville roads at one time or another and have thought, "Wow, this person is going to cause an accident unless they learn how to drive." Well, a new study based on this concept has revealed some interesting insights about teen drivers, their driving habits, and how certain bad habits correlate with the increased risk of being involved in a car accident.

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