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Weekend auto accidents in Fayetteville result in many injuries

| May 4, 2012 | Car Accidents |

The weekend is finally here, but don’t let your excitement over the end of the work week get in your way of paying attention to the road while you are driving in Fayetteville. Last weekend, emergency responders had to rescue several motorists who were trapped in their vehicles after they were involved in auto accidents.

Although no one suffered fatal injuries in the crashes, one can only imagine how bad the damage must have been — not to mention how frightening the situation must have been as well — if the victims were not capable of escaping the vehicles on their own.

According to reports, the first serious accident in Fayetteville occurred Saturday morning. Around 10:30 a.m., a Chevy Cavalier crashed into a pickup truck that was towing a camper near the intersection of Old Raeford Road and South Raeford Road.

Reports have not indicated what may have caused the vehicles to collide near the intersection, but the impact must have been hard. Authorities reported that the driver of the smaller vehicle was trapped in the car and was later hospitalized after emergency crews were able to free the driver from the Cavalier.

The second crash occurred later that same day near the intersection of Bragg Boulevard and Stamper Road. In that accident, a Ford F-150 truck and a Honda Accord crashed into each other. No one in the truck suffered any injuries in the collision. However, the force of the collision did cause the Honda to overturn, trapping three of its occupants inside the vehicle. Emergency crews were able to extricate the occupants and all three were hospitalized after the crash.

Although the cause of both car accidents remains unknown, the crashes should remind motorists of how easily one can become seriously injured in a collision when drivers do not pay attention to the roads or abide by traffic laws. Let’s hope this weekend will be much safer for motorists on our Fayetteville roads compared to last weekend.

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