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Pedestrian struck, killed by hit-and-run driver in Fayetteville

Despite following North Carolina traffic laws and paying attention to the road, a driver could still make an error that could result in a serious or fatal car accident. When a driver does cause an accident, the most important thing he or she can do-- if at all possible -- is immediately call for medical assistance so that anyone who is involved in the accident receives the help they need.

North Carolina family gets justice after fatal drunk driving crash

One of the most dangerous mistakes a motorist can make is to drive drunk on our Fayetteville, North Carolina, roads. Motorists may certainly put themselves in danger by driving impaired and they may end up facing harsh legal consequences. But all too often, innocent victims are the ones who end up suffering the most serious consequences of all after a drunk driving accident.

Are new North Carolina laws harming medical malpractice victims?

The past few posts on our Fayetteville personal injury law blog have covered some tragic motor vehicle accidents that have resulted in the deaths of a child, a young man and a bicyclist. Not only have these wrongful deaths affected the victims' families in unimaginable ways, but other motorists have probably felt some hesitancy about getting back on the road.

Court Prevents Martha Stewart Living from Selling Products at J.C. Penney

In January of this year, Macy's Inc. sued Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., claiming the company violated the terms of its agreement with Macy's when it agreed to sell its products at J.C. Penney, a competitor. A hearing on the breach of contract claim has now been heard, and Macy's has come out on top.

Boy killed after tractor-trailer lost mechanical parts on highway

As we mentioned earlier this week on our Fayetteville personal injury law blog, drivers can easily avoid causing serious or fatal accidents simply by paying close attention to the roads. Drivers, especially those who operate large commercial trucks, can also avoid serious accidents on our roads by making sure that their vehicles are in proper working condition. Failing to fix a broken or faulty auto part could be disastrous.

Fayetteville man killed in car wreck after driver runs stop sign

Not all car accidents can be prevented. Sometimes drivers simply do not see icy patches on the road. In some instances, sudden flat tires might cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. But in many other situations, drivers can avoid causing serious or fatal car accidents on our Fayetteville roads.

North Carolina One of the Top Five States for Business in 2012

When deciding to start your own business, it is critical to consider where the base of operations will be located. That decision can have widespread impacts on the future of your new business, including the quality of the workforce available in your labor market and the cost of doing business in the state you choose.

Transportation officials want more distracted driving preventions

Federal transportation safety officials have been pushing for all 50 states to ban folks from using their cellphones or other electronic devices while driving. Distracted driving continues to be a common factor in many serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents on our country's roads. Transportation officials believe that current state laws, including distracted driving laws in North Carolina, could be improved to make our roads a safer place.

Duke Energy's New CEO Leads to Investigation by North Carolina's AG

Following some possibly deceitful actions by Duke Energy Corp. in the wake of its takeover of Progress Energy Inc., the attorney general's office is investigating the events that led to the installation of a new CEO, just one day after the merger was finalized.

Auto accident claims up despite lane-keeping systems in cars

A new study analyzing the safety and effectiveness of lane-keeping technology offered some surprising results. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, lane-keeping systems do not appear to be reducing the number of car accidents on our nation's roads.

Fatal crash increases fears amongst North Carolina bicyclists

In North Carolina, it is legal for bicyclists to travel on our roads just like cars. This means that drivers of vehicles are supposed to yield to cyclists when making turns and drivers must slow down and give cyclists enough room on the road when passing folks who are riding their bikes.

Foreclosures on the Rise in North Carolina

While foreclosure filings were down nationwide in May 2012 from May 2011, North Carolina saw a large increase in the number of filings in the state. Data provided by RealtyTrac showed a 19.75 increase in the number of foreclosure filings in North Carolina in May from last year during the same month. All told, there were 3,220 foreclosure filings in the state during May 2012.

North Carolina hospital wants bacteria-fighting policy to spread

Patients don't check in to North Carolina hospitals expecting their conditions to get worse after receiving the proper treatment or surgery they may need. Quality health care and patient safety are expected to be top priorities for hospitals and medical professionals.

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