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Pedestrian struck, killed by hit-and-run driver in Fayetteville

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2012 | Wrongful Death |

Despite following North Carolina traffic laws and paying attention to the road, a driver could still make an error that could result in a serious or fatal car accident. When a driver does cause an accident, the most important thing he or she can do– if at all possible — is immediately call for medical assistance so that anyone who is involved in the accident receives the help they need.

Unfortunately, not all drivers report accidents, even when others are injured. This is a serious criminal offense, but it could also mean the difference between a life saved and a life lost after an accident. Fleeing an accident scene could also make it unnecessarily difficult for car accident victims to obtain the compensation they need and deserve after a crash.

It might be difficult to understand why anyone would leave an accident scene without calling for help. But hit-and-run accidents are not that uncommon. Over the weekend, Fayetteville police reported that a pedestrian was killed in a hit-and-run crash. As of this morning, the driver who caused the crash was not yet found by local authorities.

Fayetteville police reported that they are still looking for the driver who caused the fatal accident on Sunday morning. According to police, a 43-year-old Fayetteville man was struck by a white Nissan while he was on a morning walk. Instead of calling police to make sure the pedestrian received medical help, the driver left the scene of the accident.

Police believe that the pedestrian was struck by a 1993 Nissan sedan. Based on observations from the accident scene, the driver’s vehicle mostly likely sustained damage. Hopefully this information will be passed on throughout the community so that the driver who caused the fatal accident over the weekend can be held liable for the pedestrian’s wrongful death.

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