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August 2012 Archives

Electronic medical records temporarily lost from data outage

Any number of things could go wrong at a hospital or medical office when facilities fail to take all necessary precautions to protect patients. Fayetteville patients might be more concerned about suffering serious injuries during a surgical operation or not being treated in time for cancer due to a missed diagnosis. But patients are also at risk of being harmed when medical facilities do not have proper procedures in place to address other serious issues such as security and medical data storage.

Car crash in North Carolina results in more than $50,000 in damages

Fayetteville residents might complain about how much it costs to carry automobile insurance, but most folks realize that having auto insurance can actually help them save money in the long run. Things happen in life that we will not always be able to prepare for, control, or prevent.

School is starting, be on the lookout for teen drivers

This blog has previously written about how teenagers are more likely to be involved in car accidents. They just don't have the same experience as someone 20 years older. And with high schools all around North Carolina beginning to open for the year, it's important to remember that there will be many more teen drivers on the roads.

North Carolina Honored as State of the Year by Business Publication

The publication, Southern Business & Development, named North Carolina as 2012 State of the Year. It was honored based on activity in the state in 2011. This is the third time our state has obtained this award, as it was also honored in 2005 and 2006.

Ghost bike at North Carolina crash site a reminder of others killed

Earlier this summer on our Fayetteville personal injury law blog, we had mentioned that a fatal bicycle accident had brought attention, once again, to the dangers cyclists face each day on our roads. Although cyclists have every right to be on our North Carolina roads, other motorists do not always abide by our state's traffic laws or pay attention to their surroundings as they should. Some cyclists have decided that it is safer for them to just assume that other motorists do not see them or will not yield to bikers when they should.

Strict teen driving laws can improve road safety, reduce crashes

Statistics and research has shown that driver safety education programs and experience on the road are important factors in preventing accidents and preventing dangerous behaviors such as distracted driving.

Patient says North Carolina doctor assaulted her during exam

When patients visit any type of medical professional in Fayetteville, they expect to receive treatment that will help them feel better. Patients certainly don't expect to be harmed by their physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals.

Commercial truck makers ready to trade safety for savings

Federal and state transportation officials oversee road improvements and impose stronger traffic regulations designed to prevent injuries and the loss of life. It would seem that the companies that own and make vehicles would be the first in line to approve new safety measures in order to help reduce serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents on our North Carolina roads. Sadly, that's not always the case.

Fatal North Carolina crash points to dangers of drowsy driving

Texting while driving and even talking on a cellphone while stuck in traffic can be dangerous distractions for Fayetteville drivers. When drivers become distracted, they might not notice a red light, a stop sign, a pedestrian crossing the street or a bicyclist alongside them. These are serious mistakes that can result in deadly consequences. But these are also mistakes that can and should be avoided.

S&P Downgrades Duke Energy Rating and Shareholder Suit Filed

In a previous post, we discussed the emerging controversy surrounding the merger of Duke Energy Corp. and Progress Energy. Since then, the problems facing the company have only increased, as those dissatisfied with the sudden CEO change have voiced their concerns about the future of the business.

North Carolina mom warns other parents about birth injuries

One North Carolina mother who had experienced a normal pregnancy and expected to give birth to a healthy baby is now encouraging other pregnant women to learn more about birth injuries and complications during labor such as brachial plexus.

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