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Fatal North Carolina crash points to dangers of drowsy driving

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2012 | Car Accidents |

Texting while driving and even talking on a cellphone while stuck in traffic can be dangerous distractions for Fayetteville drivers. When drivers become distracted, they might not notice a red light, a stop sign, a pedestrian crossing the street or a bicyclist alongside them. These are serious mistakes that can result in deadly consequences. But these are also mistakes that can and should be avoided.

Many drivers these days are distracted by their cellphones and other mobile devices, but local authorities warn that not getting enough sleep at night can be just as dangerous and distracting for Fayetteville motorists. According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, drowsy drivers are responsible for causing thousands of motor vehicle accidents every year across the country. These types of accidents are often very serious and can result in catastrophic injuries, or even death.

Just over a week ago, troopers reported that a drowsy truck driver had caused a fatal crash in North Carolina. The driver’s 18-wheeler crossed the center line and crashed into another vehicle when he became sleepy. Troopers reported that two people died in the accident. The sleepy truck driver survived the crash.

Many motorists will probably admit that they have driven or continue to drive on a regular basis while they are tired. With so much going on in all of our lives, it is difficult to get enough sleep sometimes. Although folks must still drive to work or school, even when they are tired, officials are encouraging those who must drive to try to get more sleep at night in order to avoid driver fatigue. Getting enough rest is not only healthy, but it may also help to reduce many serious and fatal crashes that occur on our roads each year.

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