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Driver seen speeding, tailgating before causing Fayetteville crash

| Nov 5, 2012 | Car Accidents |

Last week, a Fayetteville motorist was injured when a pickup truck suddenly crashed into her vehicle on Cedar Creek Road. The driver of the passenger vehicle was hospitalized for minor injuries.

The driver of the pickup truck suffered serious injuries after the crash. According to reports, she will most likely be held responsible for the causing the accident. Police said that witnesses allegedly saw the pickup driver speeding and tailgating others on the road before her vehicle crashed into a Hyundai car.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol reported that the car accident occurred on Oct. 30. After speaking with witnesses, police reported that the driver of the pickup may have been speeding shortly before the crash happened. Witnesses also told police that the driver of the pickup was driving very closely behind other vehicles and had been illegally passing vehicles on Cedar Creek Road.

After speeding and passing others, the truck then crashed into a smaller vehicle when it had rounded a curve on the road. The North Carolina Highway Patrol reported that the driver of the truck was traveling at about 70 miles per hour when she crashed her truck into the car. Surprisingly, the driver of the smaller vehicle was not seriously injured.

After investigating the accident, police reported that the truck driver will most likely be issued a citation for reckless driving.

Careless drivers often take risks on the road without thinking about how their dangerous driving could affect others. An accident caused by reckless driving could result in catastrophic consequences for victims, including: physical and mental injuries, severe damage to vehicles and costly medical expenses. When careless drivers do cause accidents, victims have every right to make sure they recover the maximum amount of compensation they may be entitled to receive for their injuries and other damages. Victims might be forced to suffer painful injuries, but they should not have to suffer financially for someone else’s mistake.

Source: Fayetteville Observer, “Pickup driver in Cedar Creek Road crash at fault says Highway Patrol,” Nancy McCleary, Nov. 1, 2012

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