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December 2012 Archives

North Carolina school agrees to settle wrongful death case

In 2009, a college student and athlete at Western Carolina University had suddenly died after working out. The student was on the school's football team and had participated in a voluntary workout the day of his death.

Wilmington foreclosure action on developer delayed until May

North Carolina-based bank BB&T Corp. will have to wait until May 8 to have its day in court regarding a real estate developer the bank says defaulted on about $4.5 million in loans. While the foreclosure hearing was originally scheduled for Dec. 20, the court recently granted the developer a continuance.

U.S. hospitals seek solutions to prevent pregnancy-related injuries

With modern advances in all areas of the medical field, the common perception tends to be that medical procedures are easier for doctors and safer for Fayetteville patients than ever before. Surprisingly, that's not always the case, even when it comes to childbirth.

Buying a franchise carries business opportunities, risks

When people in North Carolina are looking to start their own business, one option that many consider is purchasing a franchise. By opening or taking ownership a franchise store or restaurant, owners get a business with a well-known name and a fairly set business model.

Motorcycle accident rates near NC military bases cause concern

Traveling down a highway at 70 mph is arguably less dangerous in an automobile equipped with seatbelts and airbags, as opposed to driving a motorcycle with no shell of protection. Due to this fact, motorcycle accidents typically result in serious injuries or fatalities. And it seems those in the military have a notably higher rate of motorcycle crashes than civilians.

Child killed in tragic crash after police chase in North Carolina

Over the weekend, a fatal accident in North Carolina claimed the life of a young child. Sadly, it is believed that the child's older sibling was responsible for the fatal wreck.

Fayetteville, hotel owner settle property dispute

One of the older buildings in downtown Fayetteville should soon be under new management after the former owner reached a settlement in his bankruptcy case. The owner, who city officials said owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in municipal fines, agreed to transfer ownership of the Hotel Prince Charles to a new business. The settlement ends the bankruptcy case and averts the city putting the building for sale at a foreclosure auction.

Court: Doctor's relationship with patient led to malpractice

In North Carolina, patients have important rights that must remain protected whenever a healthcare provider deviates from the standard of care. But how does one know when a doctor has indeed deviated from the standard of care? What constitutes a medical mistake?

Clinton truck driver charged in connection with fatal collision

Because of their potential to cause serious injury, commercial trucks have to be regularly inspected for mechanical problems. Drivers of these trucks are also held to a higher standard of safety than other motorists, and when trucker drivers or their employers fail to uphold those safety standards, too often innocent people pay the price.

Dentist accused of wrongly expensing $559,888 from partnership

A dispute between two Winston-Salem dentists over allegedly unauthorized expense reimbursements has resulted in a $2.34 million award from a North Carolina Business Court. $559,888 was ordered for repayment of the reimbursements, which included items such as Prada shoes, fancy hotel rooms, and even her brother's condo mortgage payment. Another $1.68 million was ordered as punitive damages.

The new dangerous trend in distracted driving: 'webbing'

Distracted driving continues to harm motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and families in Fayetteville and throughout the entire country. While many distracted driving accidents are the result of texting while driving, a new and equally dangerous practice is on the rise: webbing.

North Carolina family says airport is liable for son's fatal fall

Some Fayetteville residents might remember the death of a North Carolina teen who fell from a plane's wheel well in Boston two years ago. The boy was only 16 and had never been on a plane before. However, the teen was somehow able to get onto the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport tarmac without security or airport workers noticing. The teen then climbed into the wheel well of a plane and fell to his death as the plane approached Boston.

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