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North Carolina patients have access to hospital infections report

When Fayetteville residents are hospitalized for injuries or illnesses, they trust that they are in good hands. Hospitals are supposed to be safe places for patients, especially since doctors and nurses are treating and monitoring hundreds of vulnerable patients. Failing to adhere to hospital practices and deviating from the standard of care in any way could put vulnerable patients at risk of suffering further health complications, or even fatal injuries.

12 kids involved in school bus accident in North Carolina

Like every other school day, thousands of kids in North Carolina boarded their buses to head to school this morning. Although most kids made it to school safely this morning, a dozen students were involved in an accident when their bus driver rear-ended a garbage truck.

Restaurant growth suggests new business opportunities

People in the Raleigh area who are looking to start a new business may consider opening a restaurant. The food industry is growing in the Triangle, according to a new report. The number of both independent and chain restaurants went up last year, the report indicates.

Researchers say medication errors cost billions every year in U.S.

Doctors, nurses, surgeons and other health care workers are skilled individuals who take on significant responsibilities every day when working with patients who are in need of medical care and treatment. Although Fayetteville patients may understand that health care workers can only do so much when it comes to diagnosing, treating and monitoring health conditions, patients still trust that their medical care providers will do so to the best of their abilities.

North Carolina Court of Appeals: Mother can pursue wrongful death suit

Workplace accidents happen every day in North Carolina and throughout the entire country. Fortunately, the majority of workplace accidents that occur every year are not fatal, but there are still thousands of workers who are killed each year while on the job. When a worker is killed in a workplace accident, the individual's family may be entitled to obtain workers' compensation benefits. In some cases, families may consider pursing a wrongful death lawsuit instead.

Employee lawsuit verdict overturned on venue grounds

A $450,000 verdict in an employment lawsuit filed against the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. plant in Fayetteville has been overturned. The North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled on Jan. 15 that the plaintiff in the case, who accused supervisors at the plant of harassment and wrongful termination, filed her case in the wrong court, invalidating the result. This case is an example of the sort of procedural errors that an attorney can spot when representing a client in business litigation.

Fayetteville bicyclist struck, killed by driver with revoked license

Having a driver's license is a privilege in Fayetteville that comes with great responsibility. Motorists have a responsibility to drive safely, and they also have a responsibility to obtain auto insurance in order to protect themselves and others from suffering major financial consequences in the event of a serious or fatal accident.

'Black boxes' may be required in vehicles to provide accident data

Police and other investigators must be thorough when making conclusions about serious and fatal car accidents in Fayetteville so that victims can recover compensation for damages that are caused by negligent drivers.

North Carolina birth injury victim's family fights for settlement

Birth injuries are devastating because the injuries often cause permanent damage, emotional pain and suffering, and financial turmoil. In addition to these consequences, parents may never be able to hear their child talk or walk for the first time when their baby suffers a birth injury at the hands of a negligent doctor in North Carolina. Parents may also need to make major changes in their lives in order to make sure their child receives the constant, life-long medical care he or she may need after suffering a birth injury.

Bank of America settles Fannie Mae mortgage lawsuit for $11.6B

North Carolina-based lender Bank of America moved a step closer to putting commercial litigation over mortgages issued by a subsidiary when it reached a settlement with Fannie Mae on Jan. 7. The bank will spend a total of $11.6 billion in payments to the government mortgage agency and buybacks of mortgages.

North Carolina mother finally gets closure in wrongful death case

Several months ago, we had mentioned on our Fayetteville, North Carolina, personal injury law blog that a mother was in the process of seeking justice for her daughter's wrongful death. The woman's daughter died after she was struck by a paver that had been thrown at her while she was at a high school graduation party that had been held on someone else's property. According to reports, teens had been drinking alcohol at the party.

Video sweepstakes operators seeking solution after court loss

Back on Oct. 14, we discussed the commercial litigation involving North Carolina's ban on video poker machines outside of the state's Cherokee reservation and businesses that feature "sweepstakes" game machines. The manufacturers of the sweepstakes machines and the owners of the parlors where gamers go to use the machines argued in the litigation that a 2010 statute banning the games was unconstitutional, but the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled against them in December.

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