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Truck regulations must be followed to prevent dangerous accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

Accidents on the road can happen in North Carolina at any time, and tractor-trailer accidents involving smaller vehicles can be some of the most dangerous types of accidents to happen on I-95 and other local roads.

Due to a commercial truck’s size, truck accidents typically result in motorist fatalities or severe injuries for the people involved. This is just one reason why trucking companies and truck drivers must have certain training and follow all rules and guidelines enforced by the government to prevent such accidents.

When drivers and companies do not follow the law, companies could be shut down or fined. Recently, two trucking firms were shut down by the government for committing dangerous violations on our country’s roads. This is certainly good news for motorists. But the question is: How many other trucking firms are violating laws and putting the lives of others at risk?

One trucking company that was recently shut down was penalized after it violated an out-of-service order multiple times. In addition to this violation, the company continued to operate and use drivers without proper certificates or licenses. One of the drivers was involved in a crash, and two others were placed under arrest for alcohol possession and drunk driving.

The second company was found to be violating a number of regulations as well. As punishment, the company received a warning that it would be shut down by a certain date if a plan outlining how it would correct its failures was not given to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The company did comply and the FMCSA is reviewing the plan.

Following safety rules and traffic laws helps to prevent serious and fatal accidents from occurring. When trucking companies knowingly or even unknowingly violate these laws, they can be held accountable for victims’ serious or fatal injuries.

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