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New N.C. commerce secretary wants business development in state

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2013 | Business Formation & Planning |

The new secretary of commerce for North Carolina says that state government will be more welcoming to business formation with the help of her leadership. She is emphasizing entrepreneurship throughout the state, including smaller cities and towns as well as larger cities like Fayetteville and Wilmington.

Speaking at the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce’s annual membership celebration event, Sharon Allred Decker, who was appointed to lead the Department of Commerce in January, said that she plans to establish “a new strategy and vision” for state government to create a good environment for new business, purchase of a business and helping small businesses grow. Pointing to the reopening of a manufacturing plant in North Wilkesboro, Decker said that it could be the start of a trend. “Government will not be an obstacle to these kinds of successes,” she said.

Among the ways Decker said that government can help encourage business formation in North Carolina are having good schools and higher education and easy access to health care. Indirect quality of life factors such as culture and conservation also play a role, she said. Decker said that the Department of Commerce is looking to increase opportunities for international exportation of North Carolina products.

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