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DUI crash kills 2; North Carolina wrongful death claim next?

When it comes to operating a motor vehicle, one poor decision can have catastrophic consequences. This is especially true when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In some cases, a single decision can result in wrongful death and impact lives forever. Recently, a North Carolina man was charged following an accident in which a mother and her young son lost their lives.

Google hit with $7 million fine

After allegations were raised that Internet search firm Google was gathering people's personal data from various wireless networks, North Carolina's attorney general and a group of other attorneys revealed new privacy measures against the firm. In addition, the company was issued a fine of $7 million; about $151,000 of this will be paid directly to North Carolina.The accusations arose from the fact that Google vehicles employed in the task of collecting photographs for its Street View mapping application were also gathering information from unsecured business and private wireless networks. After being accused, Google promised that it would destroy the information it had collected in addition to paying the fines. Even though this business litigation did not involve an explicit breach of contract, it still resulted in the assessment of significant penalties.

Some North Carolina surgical errors can be sponge related

When most people think of mistakes occurring during surgery, a complicated part of the procedure is typically comes to mind. However, there is another significant cause of surgical injury that is fairly straight forward. These surgical errors involve medical staff sewing up a patient with a sponge or other material still inside them, an issue that occurs with more regularity then many North Carolina citizens may believe.

Was rabies infected North Carolina organ donor a wrongful death?

Death is often an unwelcome and unexpected part of life. It is a common denominator between people living in North Carolina and people all over the world. This truth is evidenced by the fact that one family in North Carolina is now facing the reality that a loved one's generous organ donation may have resulted in another man's wrongful death. Not only that, information published in news reports alluded to the fact that the donor's passing could have resulted from wrongful death in and of itself.

Time Warner decides to spin off into new corp.

Time Warner has made the decision to spin off the magazine unit of its company into a new group that will be known as "Time Inc." and will be publicly traded on the stock exchange. This decision will allow Time Warner to focus on cable television and films exclusively, and it follows an announcement that negotiations with Meredith Corporation to join its magazine-publishing unit were unsuccessful. Meredith was concerned that four struggling magazines would dilute its interest in the business and perhaps lead to business disputes between the two companies.Currently, Time Inc. is the largest magazine publisher in the country, but the industry has been facing tremendous financial pressure, given declines in revenue. However, television and movie media has been steadily appreciating in value, with a five percent growth in the last quarter of 2012 alone. By contrast, the price of stock in the magazine division fell seven percent in the same time period.

Tractor trailers can be a deadly force on North Carolina roads

The sheer size and weight of tractor trailers alone is enough to make them a dangerous force on the roadways. When their immense size and weight is combined with negligent operation or other unsavory circumstances, tractor trailers can become deadly. Recently, a 50-year-old Bulgarian immigrant was sentenced for his part in a fatal accident that took place in North Carolina in 2010.

Hit and run results in North Carolina wrongful death

Members of the North Carolina Highway Patrol are currently in pursuit of the vehicle responsible for the hit-and-run death of a 26-year-old man in Alamance County recently. Police state the seemingly wrongful death took place in the early morning hours along Interstate 40/85. Purportedly, the victim's body was found within close proximity of his own vehicle.

SEC investigates North Carolina pyramid scheme

In August 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission froze the assets of North Carolina-based company Rex Venture Group to investigate allegations that the company was illegally selling securities. The company operated ZeekRewards, a multi-level marketing operation, and, a penny auction site, along with other companies. The SEC may be called in to investigate business disputes when companies are accused of violating federal law. The SEC alleges that money from new investors was used to pay the old investors, making the system a type of pyramid scheme. The SEC believes that the scheme was worth approximately $600 million. The number could actually be as high as $800 million. The SEC continues to investigate to determine how much money was invested and where it went. The company's owner agreed to pay a $4 million fine and to help the SEC in getting back some of the money that was paid to earlier investors. 

Lawsuit confidentiality agreements may undermine patient safety

Thankfully, serious errors are rare in the modern hospital system; many individuals in the Cumberland and Fayetteville area may never be affected by a therapeutic oversight. Unfortunately however, some medical professionals do make accidental mistakes or behave in a careless or inattentive manner while they are at work. Negligence in a medical environment can have very serious consequences for patients, some of whom can experience complications and can go on to require long-term care as a result of doctor errors.

Local man injured by tire during NASCAR crash

Depending on the severity of the collisions in which they were involved, Fayetteville auto accident victims' recoveries can be painfully slow. Often, the emotional effects of car crashes compound their physical consequences, making recuperation even more difficult. Car accidents are serious enough when they involve one or two vehicles on a regular two-lane highway. In a high-speed situation on a racetrack, however, the danger is magnified significantly.

The current trend for the housing market may pose risk

Homes 4 Rent, a company based on the West Coast, recently purchased in excess of 130 homes in Charlotte and Raleigh as part of its homebuying spree across the country in which it is buying thousands of homes in an effort to take advantage of rising prices. The current market has been found favorable for companies like Homes 4 Rent to purchase foreclosures and other houses in order to make profits in rent; however, the acquisition and selling of houses at such a large quantity in a concentrated area gives a false perception of the market and may be risky. Entities that plan on establishing a business of this nature may face similar circumstances.The rapid rise in homes being purchased gives a false illusion of a higher value in the housing market. One of two scenarios may occur: The money that comes from investors in the residential market may not continue to keep up with the current trend, or the market may take a steep dive once companies like Homes 4 Rent sell all of their houses in lieu of lower-risk investments.

Police investigate fatal North Carolina train accident

For the most part, trains in North Carolina do not pose a significant threat to the communities they trundle through. As long as cars and pedestrians obey safety signals, railway tracks usually remain a relatively benign part of the landscape. Negligence on the part of train operators and railway companies does happen, however; on numerous occasions in the past, wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against one or both of these parties after fatal accidents.

Costly business mistakes to avoid repeating

It is inevitable that business owners in North Carolina and elsewhere will make mistakes. When establishing a business, owners are frequently so excited about what they are going to do right that they don't focus on what they can do wrong and how best to avoid those mistakes. Businesses that learn from their mistakes increase the odds of success.One of the biggest mistakes an owner can make is not acquiring the necessary knowledge before starting his or her business. One must thoroughly research and know the target market, the needs and behavior of the customers in that market and who its competitors will be. Business owners need to listen to their customers as well and must readily adapt to a constantly changing business environment.

Fatal North Carolina accident involved drug use, police say

Motor vehicle crashes in and around Fayetteville are often traumatic experiences for all the individuals affected. But when substance use plays a role in a fatal accident, the incident can feel that much more devastating due to the negligent behavior involved.

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