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Fatal North Carolina accident involved drug use, police say

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Motor vehicle crashes in and around Fayetteville are often traumatic experiences for all the individuals affected. But when substance use plays a role in a fatal accident, the incident can feel that much more devastating due to the negligent behavior involved.

According to police, drugs may have played a part in a multi-vehicle crash, which took place at a North Carolina intersection last week. Shortly after the lights turned green, a Chevrolet Suburban driver ran into a GMC Jimmy, killing its 66-year-old male driver instantly. The 36-year-old driver of the Suburban, who had been released from jail 18 hours earlier, was allegedly high and had fallen asleep at the wheel as a result.

After the impact, the Jimmy slid approximately 400 feet, slamming into an overhead sign. At the same time, the Suburban traveled on and struck a third car, before hitting a pickup truck. The 19-year-old female driver of the third vehicle was taken to a hospital, while the 39-year-old woman who had been operating the pickup was treated at the scene.

When Charlotte law enforcement officials investigated the wreck, they reportedly found drug paraphernalia and illegal substances in the Suburban. The vehicle’s driver was arrested and charged with DWI after the incident; they subsequently obtained warrants for a number of other serious charges, including manslaughter and reckless driving.

When intoxication of any kind is suspected as a cause of an accident, it can be difficult for the loved ones of deceased individuals to move forward without obtaining justice. While criminal trials often uphold the law, wrongful death lawsuits can also be brought in civil court by victims’ family members.

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