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Duke Energy loses rate increase bid of 2012

Major North Carolina energy supplier Duke Energy has lost a bid to increase their rates to support a 10.5 percent return on equity. The company was originally challenged by the North Carolina attorney general after it instituted a 7.2 percent rate hike in 2012, and the business dispute arose when the attorney general disputed the rate increase. He contends that a commission did not find any evidence to support this high rate of return. The 10.5 percent figure was actually a compromise reached by the N.C. Utilities Commission's public staff and Duke Energy. This amount reduced the original rate increase of 15 percent down to the 7.5 percent adjusted rate. While Duke believed its rate of return should be 11.25 percent, the public staff believed that it should only be 9.25 percent. However, the court stated that the 10.5 percent compromise simply fell between the two declared levels. It did not actually provide evidence to support the ROE determination, so the court reversed the Commission's order, and it asking the Commission to review it and submit an amount that has sufficient findings to support it. The decision was unanimous. 

North Carolina man suffers serious injury in car accident

Even the best drivers sometimes make misjudgments in the amount of time they have to pull out in front of another vehicle. The more experience a driver has, the easier such judgments become. While teenage drivers may have faster reflexes than older drivers, their lack of experience can easily lead to an accident. A North Carolina teenager faces charges in an accident that led to the serious injury of another driver.

Motorcycle accident in Fayetteville: Wrongful death claim next?

As the temperature increases, so does the need to exercise additional caution while on the road as more and more motorcyclists pull their bikes out of storage and hit the road. In order to preserve the safety of everyone, extra vigilance is needed. Unfortunately, a wrongful death case could be on the horizon after a man on a motorcycle was killed in Fayetteville.

SEC adopts updated regulations for social media use

The Securities and Exchange Commission informed companies of some new rules related to social media practices. Business owners can release information with status updates, posts, tweets and blogs as long as they let investors know what they are doing. One case in question involved a status update that a chief executive posted on his personal account as he offered congratulations for a record-high volume of business. The case carries implications for establishing a business in North Carolina and in the rest of the U.S. as companies must comply with requirements that all investors have full information related to financial aspects of the business at the same time. In the case in question, investors who did not follow him on social media did not have access to the same information in a timely fashion.

North Carolina accident could lead to wrongful death case

There are certain values associated soldiers: bravery, selflessness, protectiveness, and honor. The vast majority of soldiers uphold these values. However, today these values are being questioned in one soldier after an accident in North Carolina that could possibly lead to a wrongful death case. While his alleged actions after the accident could be an aberration of character brought on by panic-induced stress, the results remain the same.

Cumberland County accident could lead to wrongful death case

For a family, there is no greater tragedy than the unexpected loss of one of its members. Regardless of the age of the victim, it is a blow that takes years, even a lifetime, from which to recover. A family in Cumberland County has experienced the ultimate tragedy: two brothers were killed simultaneously in a deadly accident that could have most likely been prevented. Additionally, the accident could result in a wrongful death case on behalf of a third victim.

Death of North Carolina man could lead to wrongful death case

Most people would feel relatively safe walking down their road in broad daylight. A North Carolina community has to question their safety now as they deal with the death of a man who was killed by the road in a tragic accident. In a case that may qualify as a wrongful death case in the civil courts, police are beginning to discover more details of the circumstances surrounding the tragic accident.

Consulting firm assesses viability of hospital split

The administrators of a North Carolina hospital group are discussing possible plans to dissolve their business union. As they negotiate several options, they are also considering who will manage the company. Two counties decided they no longer want to be connected with the partnership, in part due to overall dissatisfaction in the medical community. Specific reasons include cultural differences, a status that is viewed as lower than others, concerns about local health care services and a reduced overall profit margin. However, after the hard work of establishing a business, it might not be as easy to dissolve. A minimum of 75 percent of the hospital board needs to agree to dissolve the business. The business alliance did not technically qualify as a merger since the involved parties both retained financial control of their own facilities. However, the purpose of the group was to work together as a team.

Street racing in North Carolina ends in death

Those who sign up to protect the freedoms of our country face the reality of death in their daily lives. However, they expect to face death at the hands of an enemy, not as a result of a rash decision that places the lives of others in jeopardy. The families of two soldiers who were stationed in North Carolina are facing the prospect of a future without their family members.

Georgia-Pacific develops pans for Carolina facilities

North Carolina, along with South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas are all under considering by Georgia-Pacific for facility expansion sites. The company hopes that establishing a business in these locations will increase lumber and plywood capacity by as much as 20 percent. Startup is expected from the first half of 2014 through 2015.The company states that the demand for its products are improving and that the proposed expansion would provide materials for long-term recovery in the housing market. Georgia-Pacific not only manufactures plywood and other wood-based products but also manufactures products for Dixie, a company that produces paper cups, paper towels, and other paper-based products including corrugated cardboard for packaging.

Bad brakes could land North Carolina town in wrongful death suit

A snowplow driver in the town of Boone says that the brakes failed on his truck before he was involved in an accident. The North Carolina Highway Patrol has not completed its investigation into the incident but has said that charges are pending. The family of the victim may also end up filing a wrongful death claim in connection with the loss of their loved one.

Car accidents involving pedestrians on rise in North Carolina

It is a constant concern for state officials to implement procedures to ensure that pedestrians are properly protected as they walk down the road. In many cases, car accidents involving pedestrians are difficult to predict and often yield some of the most serious results. The recent numbers coming out of North Carolina have illustrated this dilemma, as it was reported that the number of pedestrian accidents rose in 2012.

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