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June 2013 Archives

Family defeats North Carolina in medical malpractice dispute

The nine months preceding the birth of a child is one filled with excitement, anticipation and wonder. Parents fantasize about their child's appearance and personality. Most parents do not anticipate that their child will be so disabled that she would require 12 to 18 hours of nursing care each day. One family did not realize these were the challenges they would be facing when they became parents or that they would have to fight the state of North Carolina over their medical malpractice claim.

Breach of contract dispute decided

North Carolina residents might be interested to learn that a breach of contract dispute between a U.S-based insurer and a reinsurance intermediary has been decided in favor of the insurer. According to a 2009 revenue sharing agreement between the insurer and the intermediary, the intermediary would assist the insurer in securing reinsurance coverage. With the help of the intermediary, the insurer received indemnification from the reinsurers against excessive losses as a result of catastrophes. The intermediary then received fees from the reinsurers.

North Carolina accident could lead to wrongful death case

High school is an interesting time for teenagers. With all the ups and downs of being a teenager, most everyone can remember that one friend that they did everything with. Some high school friends remain close throughout life, while others drift apart, left only with fond memories. Unfortunately for one teenager, her memories of the best friend she met at a North Carolina high school will most likely be tinged with the desolation of her tragic death. While the community and her family still reel with the news of the girl's death, her family could consider filing a wrongful death case against the alleged culprit in the accident.

Death of 2 in North Carolina could lead to wrongful death case

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last 100 years. For example, the idea of an automobile was just beginning to emerge a century ago. However, despite these advances, a man-made product still doesn't have a chance against Mother Nature. In a battle between a tree and a vehicle, for example, the tree is likely going to prove to be stronger. A North Carolina community is all too aware of this reality after a fatal accident that could result in a wrongful death case took the lives of two people.

Supreme Court to decide if airlines are immune from lawsuits

The outcome of a case that the Supreme Court will hear later this year may have far-reaching repercussions on the airline industry as well as on air travelers residing in every state, including North Carolina. Arguments will focus on whether an airline that mistakenly reports a security threat should be immune from lawsuits. The case arose out of a December, 2004 business dispute between a U.S. airline and one of its pilots.

North Carolina hit-and-run causes serious injury

There are certain expectations that humans should be able to have one another. Mainly, if one human sees another injured human that they can provide aid for, he or she will do it with little or no reservations; that expectation should certainly be true if that human caused the injury. However, some people are more concerned about the ramifications of what they have done to worry about the safety and welfare of someone they have injured. However, there are criminal consequences when someone, for example, strikes a pedestrian and flees the scene instead of rendering aid. After such an incident in North Carolina that caused a serious injury to a young girl, one man has been charged with hit-and-run.

Farmer sues Monsanto for genetically modified crops

North Carolina farmers may be aware of a new lawsuit in which Monsanto is being sued by a Kansas farmer. The Kansas farmer has reportedly found Monsanto's genetically engineered wheat on their farm. The farmer is claiming gross negligence against the corporation. The modified wheat located on the Kansas farmer's plot of land is designed to be resistant to herbicide. The wheat is considered safe to eat by the USDA, but the USDA does not believe that the wheat was actually sold.

North Carolina wrongful death claim for alleged negligent party?

There are always accidents in life -- actions with unintended consequences. However, even an event that was an accident affects the lives of others. For example, the family of a victim of a car accident must forever live with the loss of a family member even if that person's death was completely unintended. Despite intentions, however, a presumed negligent party may be held financially and criminally responsible for their actions when appropriate under the circumstances. After an accident in North Carolina, the family of a deceased man may consider a civil case after the loss of their loved one.

North Carolina couple arrested, could face wrongful death case

As gas prices rise and concern about how the use of nonrenewable resources affects the environment, more and more people have turned to environmental and budget-friendly alternatives. One such option is a moped because they are cheaper than cars and use less gas. Just as with bicycles and motorcycles, other drivers need to take additional precautions when a moped is in the area. However, if an accident does happen, proper aid must be provided. Unfortunately, a North Carolina couple is accused of a hit and run accident in a situation that could lead to a wrongful death case.

NC town and wildlife sanctuary embroiled in civil suit

This story begins in 1999 when the Beech Mountain Town Council entered into a 30-year lease with Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary for the amount of $1. In March 2012, the town's attorney, Four Eggers, sent notice to the sanctuary that it had violated the lease. Two months after that, the town filed a complaint in the Watuga County Small Claims Court calling for an immediate eviction of Genesis from the property.

North Carolina accident could result in wrongful death case

Memorial Day weekend is generally a happy time across the country. People everywhere fire up their grill while enjoying a day off from work to memorialize those who have given their life for the defense of their country. It is a weekend to mark the beginning of summer and all the activities associated with that. However, one man will forever remember the weekend for the incredible loss he experienced after another man's alleged inattention caused the death of his pregnant wife and 3-year-old son in a situation that could result in a wrongful death case in a North Carolina courtroom.

North Carolina woman faces serious injury after accident

The effects of alcohol are well-known. It slows reaction time, makes people inattentive, distracted, and causes them to engage in risky behavior. Although the dangers of driving after having several drinks are well-documented and publicized, people still continue to do it. Today, a North Carolina woman is fighting for her life after suffering a serious injury when she was struck by a car driven by a man believed to be under the influence.

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