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North Carolina hit-and-run causes serious injury

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2013 | Car Accidents |

There are certain expectations that humans should be able to have one another. Mainly, if one human sees another injured human that they can provide aid for, he or she will do it with little or no reservations; that expectation should certainly be true if that human caused the injury. However, some people are more concerned about the ramifications of what they have done to worry about the safety and welfare of someone they have injured. However, there are criminal consequences when someone, for example, strikes a pedestrian and flees the scene instead of rendering aid. After such an incident in North Carolina that caused a serious injury to a young girl, one man has been charged with hit-and-run.

In late May, four young girls were walking on the side of a North Carolina road. According to the girls’ report, a vehicle struck two of the girls, pushing them into the other two. The girls also report that the driver did not stop to check on them or call for assistance.

Police have since taken a 30-year-old male into custody. He has been charged with four counts related to the hit-and-run. One of the girls was injured so severely that she had to undergo facial reconstruction surgery.

While all four girls were lucky to survive, they will still require significant amounts of medical care and time to recuperate as a result of the serious injury they received. In order to help with the financial burden this accident places on the girls’ families, they could consider filing a lawsuit in a North Carolina civil court. If the court finds that the girls’ injuries were a result of the driver’s negligence, he could provide a financial award to compensate them for the costs created by the accident.

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