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Alex Rodriguez plans to file medical malpractice suit

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2013 | Medical Malpractice |

Americans depend on their doctors for an accurate diagnosis in order to treat or prevent specific diseases and disorders. Most doctors are excellent at their jobs and diligent about insuring that their patients have the best medical treatment, including early intervention, available. However, sometimes certain disorders are overlooked, causing additional damages or even death. In alleged medical malpractice cases such as this, similar to what famous baseball start Alex Rodriguez claims happened to him, North Carolina residents have the option of having their grievances heard in a civil court.

As Rodriguez faces a potential suspension from baseball, representatives for him had indicated their intent to file a lawsuit alleging that the Yankees team doctor failed to diagnose an injury in his hip. The injury eventually required surgery to repair. Representatives insinuate the missed diagnosis was an attempt to prevent Rodriquez from playing.

An MRI of Rodriguez’s hip showed a tear in his hip. However, it wasn’t until a second MRI conducted by a doctor at a local hospital was conducted that surgery was recommended and ultimately performed. Representatives for the baseball team claim that the diagnosis was a joint effort between the team doctor and the hospital. Additionally, they claim that Rodriguez’s medical records uphold the treatment he received.

The failure to diagnose an injury such as Rodriguez’s can lead to further pain and could adversely affect his physical performance. For someone who depends on his athleticism for his livelihood, this could have potentially been detrimental to his career if his allegations are true. Those in North Carolina who feel they are victim of similar instances of medical malpractice can also seek financial compensation. In additional to potentially being compensated, such action could also prevent future negligence on the part of medical professionals.

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