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North Carolina accident could result in wrongful death claim

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

At this time of year, motorcycle enthusiasts have a hard time ignoring the call of the open road. Many begin enjoying the warmer temperatures by opting to traveling on the motorcycles instead of more traditionally forms of transportation. Unfortunately, even the safest of motorcyclists often cannot avoid a collision due to the actions of others, proving the need for other driver’s to have additional vigilance. A recent accident in North Carolina that could result in a wrongful death case is further proof of this need.

In early August, a 36-year-old man was traveling north on a motorcycle during the late evening hours. As he traveled, a southbound car attempted to make a left turn in front of him. Unable to avoid the turning vehicle, the motorcyclists slammed into the passenger side of the vehicle.

The driver of the motorcycle was transported to an area hospital. However, he was pronounced dead. Police officials state that no charges have been filed at this time, but the investigation into the incident is ongoing, and charges may be pending.

Regardless of the criminal charges, the family of the deceased man is likely facing many difficulties today, both emotional and financial, as a result of his unexpected death. They do have the option of filing a wrongful death case in a North Carolina civil court in order to alleviate the financial burden created by the accident. If the family can prove that the driver’s negligence caused the man’s death, they could receive a financial award to cover his medical bills, funeral expenses, and loss of income.

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