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North Carolina collision causes death, injury

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2013 | Car Accidents |

There are many events in life for which individuals simply cannot prepare. Many of these events have a major impact on one’s financial circumstances, making life difficult, at best, as a result. However, there is recourse when these events are the fault of someone else. For example, a young man in North Carolina could seek financial compensation after a collision that caused the death of a friend and his injury.

In the early morning hours of an August morning, a young college student was a passenger in a car driven by his 22-year-old friend. Police reports indicate that the young man went too fast around a curve before running off the road. As a result, he overcorrected and crashed into a tree before the car flipped. The passenger was thrown from the car, while the driver was only partially ejected.

Unfortunately, the driver was killed in the accident. The passenger was transported to an area hospital where his current condition is unknown. Police believe the accident was caused by the speed of the vehicle.

While the death of the young man is a tragedy for his family and friends, the surviving passenger will have to face medical bills as a result of the collision. In addition to the medical bills, he may also face a loss of income if he needs to take time off work as he recovers from his injuries. If the survivor can prove to a North Carolina civil court that the accident was caused by the driver’s negligence, he could receive financial compensation to help alleviate the unexpected bills and loss of income resulting from his injuries.

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