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North Carolina cyclist’s death could lead to wrongful death case

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

As the cost of gas, as well as the emphasis on physical activity, increases, more people look to alternate, cheaper methods of transportation, including bicycles. The influx of cyclists on the road demands that motorists demonstrate increased vigilance and care as a collision between a motor vehicle and bicycle could easily lead to serious injury or death for the cyclist. For example, a woman in North Carolina now faces charges related to her alleged involvement in the death of a cyclist in a situation that could ultimately lead to a wrongful death case on behalf of the victim.

The incident occurred in late August. A 59-year-old driver was driving a sports utility vehicle on a North Carolina road. Police claim she struck a 49-year-old male cyclist.

The cyclist was transported to an area hospital for treatment where he, unfortunately, he passed away from the injuries he sustained. The driver of the SUV, who police reports claim is also responsible for a fire started at an apartment complex just prior to the collision, is also being treated at a local hospital. It is expected that the woman will receive warrant for her arrest on charges related to her alleged involvement in the accident and fire upon her release from the hospital.

The family of the deceased cyclist is likely in shock over his unexpected death. In addition to the emotional toll of his death, they are likely wondering how to cope with the financial ramifications of his death. They will likely be medical bills as well as funeral expenses. Potentially, the family will have to deal with these expenses without the man’s income; however, the family has the option of filing a wrongful death case against the accused woman in a North Carolina court. If they can prove that her negligence caused the man’s death, his surviving family could be awarded compensation to offset the financial burden created by his death.

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