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Fayetteville charges could lead to wrongful death case

There has been much said in the media about the use of marijuana lately. As more states legalize its use, more attention will fall on the negative effects of using it. However, most states ban the use or possession of the substance, especially if there is no medical prescription for it. One woman from Fayetteville been charged with possession after a fatal hit-and-run accident allegedly ended the life of a pedestrian. In addition to the criminal charges, the driver could potentially face a wrongful death suit filed by the deceased woman's loved ones.

Will North Carolina universities be affected by business dispute?

North Carolina universities involved in pharmaceutical research may see fallout from a lawsuit filed by the town of Princeton, N.J., against its eponymous university. The municipal business litigation came after the worldwide success of the anti-cancer drug Altima. Sales of the drug brought in $2.5 billion per year for its manufacturer, Eli Lilly, with over $500 million of that being paid to Princeton University as licensing income. The university used some of that income on building construction and payments to faculty. The town made the claim that it was improper for those profits to be distributed by a supposed nonprofit entity that claimed tax exemptions on much of its extensive property holdings.

43 million cases each year of medical malpractice globally

People go to a doctor's office or hospital for a specific purpose -- to feel better. Most doctors, especially in the United States and other higher income countries, are experts at what they do. Unfortunately, completely preventable cases of medical malpractice still happen. Those in North Carolina suffering from the long term effects of a doctor's error, of their surviving family members, have options to help alleviate any burdens created by the mistake.

Guilty plea by Fayetteville woman result in wrongful death case

There is nothing more noble or honorable than a man or woman who is willing to risk his or her life in order to preserve the safety of the country and fellow citizens. On the other hand, some people might argue that there is no worse transgression than causing injury to a person and leaving him or her to die. A Fayetteville woman has recently pleaded guilty to criminal charges stating that she did just that. As a result, the family of the man she killed could consider filing a wrongful death case.

Estate of Arthur Conan Doyle defends copyright-related lawsuit

North Carolina fans of Sherlock Holmes may be interested in learning that an author has sued the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle to enjoin it from asserting certain intellectual property rights associated with the late author's famous character. Although various versions of the Sherlock Holmes saga have been presented in recent years, including two major motion pictures, the estate typically demands a licensing fee for use of the character of Holmes and other characters associated with the British detective..

Mother, daughter awarded damages due to birth injuries

While the birth of someone's first child is a time filled with excitement, it is also filled with nervousness and trepidation. No matter how much a family prepares for the birth of their first child, they are in many ways entering a brand new world. Both the delivery and adjustments made to everyday life can be scary. This fear is only compounded when one experiences a complication during delivery that leads to birth injuries. In North Carolina, when a birth injury is believed to be a result of medical malpractice, a civil suit against the doctor or medical facility may be appropriate.

Death of North Carolina woman leads to call for charges

There are no relationships stronger than that of a childhood friend that has remained throughout adulthood. If one were to lose such a friendship to a tragic accident, the emotional devastation and desire for justice would be overwhelming. The friends of a young North Carolina woman are calling for additional criminal charges after a tragic, likely preventable, accident caused her death.

Microsoft victory in patent licensing suit

North Carolina technology sector analysts took note earlier this month as Microsoft was handed a victory in its court battle with Motorola Mobility, a handset maker owned by Google, over patent licensing fees. The breach of contract award ordered Motorola to pay $14.5 million to the software giant for its alleged failure to provide reasonable licensing terms for standard essential patents for video and wireless technology. In this instance, the technology is used in Microsoft's Xbox video gaming console. The award is only half of the $29 million in damages originally sought by Microsoft.

Birth injuries result in medical malpractice lawsuit

It is no secret that childbirth is no easy task, but most North Carolina parents would report that the difficulty is worth the joy of parenthood. Luckily, medical advances have gone a long way toward reducing the risk of childbirth to both the mother and the child; however, there are still complications that are possible. Sometimes, despite doctors' best efforts, tragedies occur. On the other hand, sometimes tragedies occur because patients do not receive the best medical care possible. One woman is alleging that her son suffered from several birth injuries in a medical malpractice lawsuit recently filed.

Teenager charged in death of North Carolina motorcyclist

This is the perfect time of year for motorcyclists. Summer vacation traffic has died down as schools have started, yet the weather is still warm enough for a drive. Unfortunately, due to their size, motorcyclists are sometimes easy to overlook, making them at risk for serious injury or death from drivers who are not completely vigilant. Unfortunately, the lives of a teenage driver and the family of a motorcyclist have been completely changed after a North Carolina accident resulted in death.

Key considerations before starting a business in North Carolina

The decision to start a business often begins with an idea for a great product or service, but there are many important issues that should be addressed before launching the business. Funding should be one of the primary concerns of entrepreneurs prior to establishing a business. To determine the necessary level of start-up capital, business owners should assume that the business will not generate any revenue for the better part of the first year and should set aside enough money to cover expenses during this time period.

Accident in North Carolina results in death, serious injury

It is disturbing to think that a quick trip to the store or short drive to a relative's house could result in a life that is drastically altered. While people can recognize the logical likelihood of such an event, most assume they will arrive at their destination safe and sound. Unfortunately for a family in North Carolina, an accident has resulted in the death of one member and the serious injury of two others.

North Carolina motorcycle crash may lead to wrongful death case

At this time of year, it is common to see motorcyclists enjoying the open road and weather. Although motor vehicle drivers should always demonstrate care and vigilance when traveling, it is much more essential that such behaviors are demonstrated in warmer temperatures when more motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are on the road. Failure to do so could easily result in a tragic accident. One such accident in North Carolina could potentially lead to a wrongful death case against a female driver.

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