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Accident in North Carolina results in death, serious injury

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2013 | Car Accidents |

It is disturbing to think that a quick trip to the store or short drive to a relative’s house could result in a life that is drastically altered. While people can recognize the logical likelihood of such an event, most assume they will arrive at their destination safe and sound. Unfortunately for a family in North Carolina, an accident has resulted in the death of one member and the serious injury of two others.

In late August, the driver of a sedan was travelling on a North Carolina road, allegedly at a high rate of speed. Police reports indicate that the driver crossed the center line, crashing head-on with an oncoming sports utility vehicle. According to reports, the force of the impact sent one of the vehicle’s engines through the window of a nearby home.

The driver of the SUV, the father of the family of four in the vehicle, was killed. Two passengers, the deceased man’s wife and son, remain in the hospital. The fourth passenger, a toddler, was ejected from the car in a car seat, but is suspected to survive. The driver and passenger of the sedan are also being treated in a hospital. Although the accident is still under investigation, police officers indicate that criminal charges are likely forthcoming.

The surviving family in the SUV likely has a long road ahead of them. In addition to their grief and own physical recovery, they will have to deal with the financial implications of the accident, including care of the serious injury they sustained. There will be funeral expenses and medical bills that will have to be paid even though they may face the loss of the man’s income. Most tragically, two children are left without their father; however, the surviving family members can receive some aid in the form of financial compensation if they can prove to a North Carolina civil court that the accident was caused by the other driver’s negligence. A verdict in their favor would go a long way toward reducing the stress of an emotionally devastated family.

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