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Jury agrees brain damage resulted from medical malpractice

There is nothing more terrifying for a North Carolina parent than to realize that their child is seriously ill. In such a case, parents expect that their child's primary physician can determine when a child's symptoms warrant a referral to a specialist. One family claims that their daughter's current condition is a result of medical malpractice and could have been prevented if her pediatrician had referred her to a pediatric cardiologist. A jury recently agreed and rendered a multi-million dollar verdict as a result.

North Carolina collision results in death, criminal charges

When a child is born, a parent has certain expectations for what that child's life will be like. Few parents expect that their child's life will end early in tragedy or that they will lose their life along with their child. Unfortunately, a woman and her young son were recently killed in one such tragic collision. Another young man now faces several charges as he waits in a North Carolina jail as a result of his suspected involvement in the accident.

Van Halen jumps on drummer's ex-wife with unfair competition suit

Fayetteville fans of Van Halen may wonder: Should the drummer's ex-wife should be allowed to use her married last name for commercial purposes? The answer would be no, according to business litigation filed by the band, which claimed that Kelly Van Halen was diluting the name's brand by using it to sell her line of swimsuits, children's blankets and interior design services. Kelly Van Halen, nee Carter, was married to drummer Alex Van Halen from 1984 to 1996.

Study shows prevalence of major surgical errors

The decision to undergo a surgery or invasive procedure is often a difficult one. Patients must weigh the possible side effects of the procedure with the dangers of declining surgical intervention. A recent study potentially adds to the difficulty or making such a decision by shedding some light on almost 800 instances of surgical errors. Anyone is North Carolina who feels they have been the victim of such an error can seek legal recourse in a civil court.

Head-on collision in North Carolina causes serious injury

In the grand scheme of things, there is only about a foot-wide stretch of double-lined road that separates drivers from serious consequences. If one driver makes a slight overcorrection or becomes distracted for even a single moment and cross the lines, lives could be changed forever due to serious injury or even death. A similar accident in North Carolina could also result in criminal charges and a civil case against one driver.

North Carolina couple hoping to grow a business

People thinking of establishing a business can approach it in one of several ways. One is to start a brand new venture from the ground up, and another way is to take over a going concern. A North Carolina couple recently opted for the second method by purchasing an established swimwear store.

Bedrail accidents could lead to wrongful death cases

Upon hearing the news that a loved one has been injured during a stay at a medical facility, most would assume that the incident was caused by complications during surgery or even an oversight on behalf of the medical staff. Few would think that an injury, or even death, could be caused by something as seemingly harmless as the rails on a bed. However, some reports indicate that injuries and deaths caused by bedrails are a real problem. In fact, instances of death due to faulty bedrails have been reported in North Carolina. In many cases, family members might consider filing a wrongful death case.

Internet TV viewers may want to watch Aereo business litigation

North Carolina viewers of videos on the Internet may be affected by the copyright violation fight being waged against start-up company Aereo by Sinclair Broadcast Group, Fox Broadcasting and Local TV. The business dispute is over Aereo's project of streaming broadcast television to consumers over their Internet connections. The latest legal action was taken in Utah, where Aereo just began offering service. The suit's allegations were similar to those made in earlier lawsuits against the new company in New York and Boston.

North Carolina accident leads teenager's death

This time of year is filled with excitement for the majority of high school students. Football season is well under way, and most schools are gearing up for homecoming festivities. Unfortunately one North Carolina high school is coping with the death of one of their students instead of celebrating their football team's latest victory.

North Carolina seeks stronger standards for tractor trailers

Any person who has spent much time on the road has experienced the anxiety created by large commercial vehicles. Even when the drivers of tractor trailers are following all of the traffic laws, the sheer size and potential for danger is intimidating. One woman in North Carolina is now seeking to strengthen federal regulations regarding underride guards after her two daughters were killed in a tragic accident.

Accused drunk driver may face wrongful death case

Most people would assume that criminal charges related to driving would make a driver behave more cautiously in the future. Unfortunately, police claim that was not the case for one North Carolina man. Unfortunately the alleged recklessness conducted by this man left one man dead and his wife and son injured. As a result, the accused driver may face a wrongful death case in addition to the criminal charges already filed against him.

Google's new initiative to provide support to startup businesses

North Carolina entrepreneurs may be interested in a new initiative from technology giant Google, which is seeking to help new companies get some much-needed help in their early days. Google is partnering with co-working spaces in seven U.S. cities, including Nashville, Chicago and Minneapolis, where entrepreneurs can go to grow their new businesses.

Family settles medical malpractice case related to birth injuries

In the last 100 years, advances in medical technology and knowledge have significantly decreased the risks of giving birth. As a result, many people in North Carolina take a safe and healthy delivery for granted. Unfortunately, both the baby and the mother could be put in severe risk during labor and delivery. While there will always be some risks, the care and decisions made by doctors can often reduce these risk. Unfortunately for one family, the decisions made by doctors ultimately lead to severe birth injuries for their daughter.

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