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Bridgestone sues IBM over computer system dispute

North Carolina residents may be interested in the lawsuit Bridgestone recently filed against IBM. The tire company hired IBM to design and implement a new $75 million computer system to handle order processing and fulfillment. However, Bridgestone claims that the system performed so badly that it threw the company into chaos, and it is seeking $600 million in damages.

Hit-and-run accident in North Carolina causes serious injury

For some people, the instinct to provide aid for another being that is injured is inherent. Even for those whose first instinct may not be to immediately jump to the rescue, there is a reasonable expectation for someone who causes an injury to another to provide aid. Because of this, a hit-and-run accident often causes strong feelings against those who are accused of committing such an act. An alleged hit-and-run accident in North Carolina has left one woman recovering from a serious injury.

Medical malpractice suit filed against North Carolina hospital

Thanks to advances of medicine over the last 100 years, some of the risks associated with labor and delivery have been significantly reduced. Unfortunately, the risks have not been completely eliminated. While nature often has a role to play in death or injury at birth, the care a woman and child receive during the birth process can also have a significant impact on the outcome of a delivery. In a recent medical malpractice lawsuit, one woman claims that the inadequate care she received in a North Carolina medical facility ultimately lead to the death of her baby.

Actor seeking class-action lawsuit for racial profiling

Business owners in North Carolina might be interested in this story of racial profiling in New York. Last June, an African-American actor on the HBO series "Treme"was handcuffed and confined to a cell at the Macy's flagship store in Manhattan. The young man was being detained as the result of an employee accusing him of credit card fraud. The actor has stated that both police officers and the employee found it unbelievable that a young black man would be able to afford a watch that cost $1,300 unless he had stolen somebody's credit card.

VA medical malpractice payments create questions

The media has covered the treatment of American soldiers extensively lately. For example, a major topic of conversation has been the ability of veterans to obtain jobs after they exit the military. However, the quality of healthcare provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has become a focal point. Specifically, some people question the number of medical malpractice suits against the healthcare organization. Some would have Americans believe that veterans in North Carolina and across the country are receiving substandard medical care based on the number of claims filed and the amount of money paid to settle them.

North Carolina man charged after accident causes serious injury

It has become a common practice for states to create laws banning the practice of texting while driving. Most people agree that even taking one's attention from driving, even momentarily, can cause an accident resulting in serious injury or even death. Police believe that a recent accident in North Carolina that caused serious injury to a college student was the result of a distracted driver who was reading a text.

Collision involving 4 vehicles in North Carolina blamed on DUI

Drinking and driving is a known hazard. Unfortunately, people frequently continue to engage in such behavior which can easily lead to dangerous accidents that could result in serious injury or death. For example, police believe that a recent collision in North Carolina involving at least four different vehicles and sending at least one person to the hospital was a result of driving under the influence.

FTC approves office-supply chain merger

North Carolina business owners might be interested in a proposed merger deal between two major office-supply companies that recently received federal regulatory approval. The merger of Office Depot Inc. and OfficeMax Inc. will create a rival that is nearly the size of industry leader Staples Inc.

North Carolina lawsuit alleges medical malpractice

A parent's worst nightmare is a serious injury sustained by one of their children that could lead to their child's death. When a child is injured, parents trust that medical professionals will provide the best medical care possible and take every possible course of action to save their child's life. Unfortunately, one set of parents in North Carolina allege that the care provided to their son after a skateboarding accident was well below the accepted standard and ultimately led to his death. They have recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Fatal North Carolina accident could lead to wrongful death case

Most people in good health do not have an expectation that the end of their life is near. Unfortunately, even the slightest of miscalculations while driving a car can lead to a serious death of injury. The families of four victims of a fatal North Carolina car accident are facing this reality today. Some of these families may also be considering filing a wrongful death case in order to cope with the financial ramifications of the accident.

Lawsuit alleges Thicke stole Marvin Gaye music

In a continuing controversy that has interested North Carolina music fans, the family of Marvin Gaye has accused Robin Thicke of a history of taking Gaye's material and has filed a lawsuit against him. The family initially threatened legal action against Thicke when they alleged that he based much of his recent hit song "Blurred Lines" from Gaye's 1977 "Got to Give It Up". Thicke and his collaborators subsequently filed suit asking the court to rule that his song was not a copy. The current business litigation is in the form of a counterclaim filed by the Gaye family in which they are asserting that Thicke used Gaye's song "After the Dance" when he co-created "Love After War".

North Carolina conviction may lead to wrongful death case

The majority of tractor trailer drivers are well-trained, safety-oriented individuals. However, due to the large size of the vehicles they drive, an accident involving a tractor trailer can quickly lead to serious injury or even death. The family of three victims killed in an accident caused by a tractor trailer could consider filing a wrongful death case against the driver recently sentenced due to his involvement in a North Carolina accident.

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