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Collision between car, truck causes death of North Carolina man

The transportation systems in this country, including state roads, have made traveling easier and safer over the last 100 years. Although states enact laws to help ensure the safety of travelers on their roads, not all accidents can be completely prevented, leading to tragic accidents that cause grief to families and loved ones. Unfortunately for the family of one man in North Carolina, a recent collision has resulted in a fatality.

Printing company expands with buyouts of two firms

A North Carolina printing company announced that it bought out a Charlotte-area mailing and fulfillment firm after having acquired another printing operation earlier in December. By establishing a business that would stand as one of the largest privately held companies of its kind in the Carolinas, Imagine Print Solutions said they hoped that their two new interests, Classic Graphics Inc. and Creative Marketing Solutions, would allow them to integrate a variety of marketing and fulfillment services through a single contact point for customers. It was reported that 2013 sales for the combined entities are expected to reach as much as $300 million.

Adult day care center could close following foreclosure

On Nov. 27, First Citizens Bank foreclosed upon New Friends Adult Day Health, an adult day care center located in east Charlotte. The company, which is owned by Walker Investment Holdings, is now in the process of finding a new home. The facility is one of 11 adult day care or day health centers located in Mecklenburg County. It has approximately 10 employees and assists approximately 30 clients.

North Carolina hotel experience could end in wrongful death claim

After a day of traveling, there is nothing more relaxing than settling down in a hotel room to recuperate. However, a stay at a North Carolina hotel ended in tragedy for two separate families. As more details of their experience become known, their surviving family members may decide to file a wrongful death case.

Man could face wrongful death case after North Carolina accident

A wedding should be a time of celebration and camaraderie with friends and family. Even those who aren't getting married, who are simply witnessing the nuptials, typically get swept away in the happiness and time spent with close friends. Unfortunately, a North Carolina wedding ended in tragedy whe two guests died after the festivities. The driver of the couple's limousine could face a wrongful death lawsuit after criminal charges were filed against him.

Delivery truck driver seriously injured in 7-car accident

Accidents involving passenger cars are quite ordinary. Collisions with semi-trucks can also be considered somewhat common. Though these are everyday accidents, the results are no less disheartening. A delivery truck, however, may not seem to be a typical vehicle in an automobile accident. A North Carolina wreck recently involved seven different cars, including a FedEx truck.

Tips for keeping businesses in good standing

When North Carolina entrepreneurs are establishing a business, there are many different considerations that can come up in a short period of time. Because of all of the tasks that are necessary for getting a business off the ground, one might overlook some of the legalities that are necessary for a startup company. However, these rules to which the company must adhere in order to begin a business and remain in compliance with local regulations are important, and inadvertently failing to acknowledge some of them might lead to legal trouble down the road.

Auto wrecks can cause severe injuries, death in North Carolina

A head-on collision is a highly destructive type of auto accident that can quickly lead to incapacitating injuries and death. North Carolina families who lose loved ones in these types of auto wrecks usually struggle with the emotions of distress and disbelief. They may also become enraged if the accident was not the deceased victim's fault. Financial restitution from a successfully litigated lawsuit certainly cannot restore the lost life of a loved one, but it can help the surviving family members to feel as though some sense of justice was achieved.

Wrongful death a factor in North Carolina conviction

The majority of mothers spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of their car. There are trips to school, after-school events, doctor appointments and even work that must be juggled. The majority of these trips occur without incident. However, as one North Carolina family learned, tragedy in the form of wrongful death can strike when least expected.

Collision in North Carolina injures a postal worker

No one expects that, when they are going about their typical workday, they could end up in the hospital due to a car accident. For those employees whose job puts them out on the road, it is more likely that they may be involved in a collision. This became the reality for a postal worker in North Carolina who was recently involved in a car crash while she was out on her daily mail route.

North Carolina businessman being investigated for fraud

Criminal investigations and lawsuits continue to follow a local businessman whose troubles range from North Carolina down to Florida. According to court papers and published reports, many investors have lost a significant amount of money. Neither the man nor his lawyers could be reached for comment.

North Carolina sweepstakes games disappearing after court ruling

Many of the Charlotte area establishments that once did a brisk business operating electronic sweepstakes games are now closing after they found themselves on the losing end of a business dispute with state prosecutors. The North Carolina Supreme Court's decision to uphold laws making the sweepstakes games illegal marks the end of a long and expensive legal battle.

Holiday car accidents: North Carolina teen dies, 4 others injured

Holidays are an especially exciting time of the year. Black Friday has almost become as much of a holiday as Thanksgiving with hundreds of thousands of Americans going out late at night and early in the morning to get the best deal. Tragically, this chaotic event typically causes many injuries and even deaths. One family in North Carolina experienced the loss of a loved one over the Thanksgiving holiday due to one of many fatal car accidents.

Wrongful death suit could result from Fayetteville accident

People take to the roadways every day, never considering it may be the last trip they ever make. Of all the motorized vehicles on the road today, motorcycles are one of the most vulnerable. For one young motorcyclist in Fayetteville, an evening ride tragically resulted in an accident that ultimately cost him his life. Investigators continue to seek information about what occurred, but the victim's family may have grounds for a wrongful death suit.

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