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Collision between car, truck causes death of North Carolina man

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2013 | Car Accidents |

The transportation systems in this country, including state roads, have made traveling easier and safer over the last 100 years. Although states enact laws to help ensure the safety of travelers on their roads, not all accidents can be completely prevented, leading to tragic accidents that cause grief to families and loved ones. Unfortunately for the family of one man in North Carolina, a recent collision has resulted in a fatality.

Police claim that a woman was driving a small vehicle on a state roadway. She allegedly lost control of the vehicle before hitting a guardrail. Reports indicate that the car went back into the roadway. At that time, the car was struck by a tractor-trailer.

A male passenger in the sedan was taken to an area hospital. Unfortunately, he later died from his injuries. The accident forced the closure of the road for most of the morning. There is no information on charges at this time as police continue their investigation into the accident.

While the police work to determine what criminal charges, if any, are appropriate, the family of the deceased man is surely facing a difficult time, both in terms of the emotional toll of such a loss as well as the financial ramifications. Because of his death, they will have to cope with the expense of a funeral, medical bills and possibly lost wages. In order to request help with these costs, the man’s family has the option of filing a wrongful death case in a North Carolina civil court. A verdict in their favor, based upon evidence that the fatality was caused by the negligence of another party to the crash, could lead to a monetary award to help with the costs associated with the collision and the man’s subsequent death.

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