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Delivery truck driver seriously injured in 7-car accident

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

Accidents involving passenger cars are quite ordinary. Collisions with semi-trucks can also be considered somewhat common. Though these are everyday accidents, the results are no less disheartening. A delivery truck, however, may not seem to be a typical vehicle in an automobile accident. A North Carolina wreck recently involved seven different cars, including a FedEx truck.

While making its delivery rounds on a Tuesday afternoon, a FedEx truck was struck by a pickup truck that had run a red light. The impact of the collision ejected the driver of the delivery truck from his seat. This wreck did not stop the pickup, which continued on and crashed into another vehicle. Neither the driver of the pickup, nor the driver of the other car was injured. The pickup truck’s driver has been cited with reckless driving and red light violation.

After the driver was ejected from the delivery truck, it kept going down the street. The FedEx truck hit two more cars, one of which moved backward and hit a third vehicle. The drivers of all three cars did not sustain any serious injuries. The driver of the delivery truck, however, suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital. After his vitals were stabilized, he was moved to another hospital by helicopter.

A simple mistake can quickly escalate into a disaster, like this seven-car accident in North Carolina. A normal day or event, such as delivering packages for FedEx, can change into an emotional rollercoaster in an instant. The delivery truck driver who sustained serious injuries from the pickup truck driver’s negligence can file a claim. Financial assistance for the unexpected medical bills that are building up can be provided if the case succeeds. Although it may be a while before the victim feels comfortable behind the wheel again, this aid can ease the process back into everyday life.

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