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Holiday car accidents: North Carolina teen dies, 4 others injured

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Holidays are an especially exciting time of the year. Black Friday has almost become as much of a holiday as Thanksgiving with hundreds of thousands of Americans going out late at night and early in the morning to get the best deal. Tragically, this chaotic event typically causes many injuries and even deaths. One family in North Carolina experienced the loss of a loved one over the Thanksgiving holiday due to one of many fatal car accidents.

A car containing four passengers, as well as the driver, ran into a sign early Friday morning that made the vehicle almost unrecognizable. The driver, a 19-year-old, had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit the sign going 50 miles per hour without any attempt to brake. Although they had all been wearing seatbelts, the driver died in the car accident, and the four passengers were injured — two of them in serious condition.

All of the passengers were between age 17 and 20 and appeared to be sleeping at the time of the accident. The late-night and early-morning concept that Black Friday is known for adds an aspect of danger for drivers of any age. This fatal crash in North Carolina was not the sole car accident to occur over the holiday. Fatigue, traffic and the rush all contribute to an increase in automobile accidents during the holiday season.

Car accidents occurring during the holidays are numerous and especially heartbreaking. Although the driver died in this North Carolina accident, the families of those injured in this collision have the ability to file a case for negligent driving. A successful case can give those suffering from serious and moderate injuries some comfort and financial assistance with their costly medical bills during an already financially draining time of year.

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