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Parents allege baby died due to birth injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2014 | Medical Malpractice |

There have been several stories in the news in recent years about the climbing C-section rate in this country. According to these news stories, more people are opting to have C-sections even though many claim there is increased risk to the mother and baby as well as a more difficult recovery. However, it is likely that many lives in North Carolina have been saved by the procedure. Nevertheless, one family claims that their infant daughter died from birth injuries received as a result of one doctor‘s attempt to deliver a baby naturally, through the use of forceps, instead of performing the C-section the mother requested.

The parents of the deceased infant claim they requested a C-section because of the mother’s tiny frame and their concern over the size of the baby. They claim that her doctor initially denied the request, stating that it would give the mother a scar. After hours of labor, and allegedly ignoring signs of distress in both the baby and mother, the doctor used forceps to attempt to deliver the infant.

This attempt was unsuccessful and ultimately ended in an emergency C-section. The infant’s father claims that the baby was breathing at birth. The child was transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit at a children’s hospital where the parents were informed that the baby suffered several fractures — injuries the parents claim were caused by the doctor’s use of forceps.

Expectant parents anticipate the moment they can hold their baby for the first time. They often dream of the day they will walk through the door of their home for the first time with the new addition to their family. The dreams of the parents in this instance were dashed after the tragic death of their baby. If the baby’s family can prove that her death was caused from birth injuries sustained as a result of the doctor’s negligent choices, the parents could seek legal recourse in a civil court. Parents in North Carolina who feel they are victims of similar malpractice can take the same action — possibly receiving damages for financial losses incurred as a result and hopefully preventing other families from experiencing the same heartache.

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