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Wrongful death case possible after North Carolina accident

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

Millions of Americans climb into their vehicle and travel from place to place each day. They are able to do this safely, without causing injury to themselves or others. Because so many trips are made in this manner, many people take for granted the possible consequences of reckless driving. However, the families of three men in North Carolina are now facing the stark reality of the effects of what police claim to be reckless driving. The families of two of the men could ultimately file a wrongful death case as a result of the accident.

Shortly after midnight on a Tuesday in January, three men were traveling in a sedan on a local North Carolina roadway in High Point. Police say the 19-year-old driver lost control of the vehicle before crashing into the corner of a vacant building. Reports indicate that the force of the impact caused the car to break into pieces.

Both the driver and his two passengers died at the scene of the accident. Police report that the car was traveling over 100 mph in an area where the speed limit was only 35. In addition to speed, police also suspect that alcohol contributed to the accident.

If the reports regarding the accident are accurate, it seems that the tragic crash could have easily been avoided. As a result of the driver’s apparent negligence, three families are coping with the death of loved ones as well as facing unexpected financial burdens. Filing a wrongful death case with respect to the driver’s likely mistake is an option to help the families of the deceased passengers cope with these burdens. If they can provide evidence to support a claim of negligence, a North Carolina civil court could award them monetary damages to cover funeral expenses and lost wages as well as other damages covered by state law. Such an action could help them focus on their emotional recovery instead of worrying about their financial stability.

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