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March 2014 Archives

Fatality in moped, car collision in North Carolina

As the cost of gas has risen over the last several years and people have become more aware of the state of the environment, many in North Carolina have sought economical ways to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, many people have turned to mopeds as an alternative form of transportation. Unfortunately for moped drivers, other motor vehicle operators can put their lives at risk. One man has recently been killed in a collision between a moped and a car.

Viacom and Google settle lawsuit

North Carolina residents may be interested in the outcome of a lawsuit filed several years ago by Viacom against YouTube. On March 18, Viacom and YouTube's parent company Google announced that the two sides had reached a settlement. Viacom initially filed the business litigation in 2007 alleging copyright infringement by YouTube and asking for $1 billion in damages.

Doctor claims medical malpractice has prevented him from working

There is no one more intimate with the dangers and possible health risks of surgery than a surgeon. A surgeon must be aware of the dangers and communicate them to their patients. In a twist that may interest those in North Carolina and across the country, one surgeon has recently been awarded a multi-million dollar verdict after he claims he was a victim of medical malpractice.

Planning to exit business ownership

Many North Carolina business owners are thinking of the day when they can sell or otherwise transfer their interest and move on to other opportunities or simply retire from the daily routine. While each case is different, many financial planners believe that one can start planning at least ten years before the planned exit date. This lead time can enable owners to take advantage of income and gift tax treatment as well as to begin planning for succession.

Collision involving North Carolina bus sends 3 to hospital

Much has been said in the media recently about winter in the South. Many southern cities are unaccustomed to coping with the large amounts of snow that have been dumped on them this year. In an abundance of caution, school systems often choose to close school even before wintry conditions begin. During the closing of one North Carolina school, a collision between a car and a bus sent three students to the hospital.

Death of North Carolina doctor could lead to wrongful death case

People serve their communities in a variety of different ways. One way is by working as a medical care professional. One North Carolina community is reeling from the news that a veteran emergency care doctor was killed in a fatal car accident recently. Such an unexpected death could have significant financial repercussions on the man's surviving family members, making a wrongful death claim possible.

Disclosure of confidential information to the public

Most North Carolina businesses have confidential information that they hold private that sets their company apart in their business products, skills or practices. Even if they are embroiled in business litigation, they will not want that information released to the public. This is also true for individuals who are in the middle of a lawsuit relative to their personal lives. However, in both business and individual matters, the information might be relevant to the court matter they face.

Medical malpractice case results in multi-million dollar award

People in North Carolina go to the emergency room with the expectation of a certain standard of care. While most patients accept that medical care providers are not miracle workers, they do expect that these workers will do everything reasonably expected to ensure their current and future well-being, including reporting medical problems to their physician. In a recent medical malpractice lawsuit, one man claims that a nurse's failure to act resulted in his permanent disability.

North Carolina motorcycle collision leaves 1 dead

It is no secret that the eastern part of the United States has been slammed with several snowstorms this year. Finally, the weather in some states is starting to indicate signs of spring. Many motorcyclists have begun to take advantage of the warmer temperatures. As a result, all drivers need to demonstrate an increased level of vigilance to ensure both their safety as well as the safety of motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Failure to do so could have serious consequences as demonstrated by a recent collision between a sports utility vehicle and motorcycle in North Carolina that has left one man dead.

South Carolina fraternity party may lead to wrongful death claim

Anyone who has been to a fraternity party knows that they tend to be strikingly similar. Alcohol and loud music can be found in abundance. Unfortunately, college students who are under the influence of large amounts of alcohol may sometimes react unpredictably. In what could lead to a wrongful death lawsuit in South Carolina, a marine recently lost his life in an altercation that began at a fraternity party.

Lisa Kudrow must pay $1.6 million to former manager

Actress Lisa Kudrow lost her court battle with her former manager and has been ordered to pay $1.6 million. In 2008, Kudrow's former manager filed a lawsuit against the actress for breach of contract claiming he was still owed his 10 percent share of the residuals that Kudrow received from her time on the "Friends" series and other projects she worked on during their association. Kudrow's attorneys claimed that as her manager, he was not entitled to the commissions normally paid to agents. The jury ruled in favor of the manager in a 10-to-2 decision.

Motorcyclist killed in fatal North Carolina collision

For some people, there is nothing better than a motorcycle ride. Whenever the weather permits, they put on their helmets and other safety gear and take their motorcycle for a ride. Unfortunately, the negligent behavior of others on the road, especially of drivers of more traditional vehicles, often places the lives of motorcyclists at risk. For example, one North Carolina motorcyclist was recently killed after a collision with a motor vehicle.

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