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Injuries reported in 3-car collision in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2014 | Car Accidents |

It seems that no matter what safety precautions a driver takes, it is sometimes impossible to completely avoid the poor driving or negligence of others. While one can ensure that he or she is constantly vigilant and follows all safety laws, anyone can be pulled into an accident caused by someone else who is not equally as vigilant. One man claims that another driver’s actions recently caused a three-car collision in North Carolina.

The accident occurred in the evening of a day in late March. The driver of a sedan claims that his vehicle was hit by another car. As a result, the sedan hit a curb before veering into the path of an oncoming traffic.

Once he crossed the dividing line, the man reports attempting to avoid a head-on collision with a sports utility vehicle. Despite his efforts, he was apparently unable to completely avoid an accident. The sedan and the SUV came to a rest next to each other while another SUV that was also involved stopped several yards away. Several injuries were reported, though it is unclear at this time the extent. Reports indicate that debris from the accident covered the road.

A collision such as this can often result in devastating financial consequences for innocent victims. In addition to medical bills, the innocent party could face a lengthy recovery — often resulting in missed work and lost wages. To help counteract these financial ramifications, those injured in a collision caused by another’s negligence have the option of seeking legal recourse in a North Carolina civil court. If they can prove that the accident was, in fact, caused by another party’s negligence, they could be awarded financial damages allowed by state law.

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