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Veteran claims medical malpractice created permanent damage

On Behalf of | May 18, 2014 | Medical Malpractice |

Brave people in North Carolina and across the country have chosen to put their lives on the line in order to protect their fellow Americans. Unfortunately, several recent cases have highlighted the poor medical care provided by some U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs facilities. One example has recently resulted in a medical malpractice case filed by a veteran who claims he has suffered injuries as a result of a doctor’s negligent actions.

The man claims that a doctor at a VA facility inserted an instrument into his urethra without a proper anesthetic. The doctor reportedly neglected to prescribe him with a prescription for pain relief until the next day. He eventually required surgery.

Although he was apparently assured that a different doctor would be performing the surgery, he claims that this was not the case. During this surgery, he claims that he received further injuries due to a punctured prostate. He is now seeking treatment at a different facility, but the injuries apparently caused by the actions of his first doctor may be permanent.

While this case occurred in Indianapolis, reports of substandard or delayed treatment of veterans at VA hospitals have been making headlines across the country, sparking several investigations. However, those familiar with these cases say that, sadly, veterans are less likely to seek legal recourse. Fortunately, this is an option that is available to victims in North Carolina. A successfully argued medical malpractice case could result in a monetary award for the damages caused by the neglect of a medical care professional, including pain and suffering and past and future medical bills.

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