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June 2014 Archives

Business disputes need not always lead to litigation

It’s almost inevitable that a small business owner in North Carolina or anywhere else will run into conflicts and disputes with other businesses or contentious individuals at some time or another. For larger companies, business disputes are a sure thing. At first blush, many owners or chief executives may feel honor-bound to go to court and fight it out. But that is not always the best choice, and in some instances litigation can backfire so that the company loses more than it gains.

Hit-and-run bicycle accident kills North Carolina man

A bicycle accident resulted in the death of a North Carolina man on June 16. Police detained a 38-year-old man who they suspect was the negligent party in the accident and charged him with one count of felony hit-and-run. A judge ordered that the man be held on $75,000 bond.

Establishing a business requires detailed planning

Entrepreneurship isn’t just for young people. Studies indicate that nearly 25 million people in America who are above the age of 44 would like to start their own business, with many of these companies being launched in retirement. A few tips can help a person with the exciting yet complex process of establishing a business in North Carolina.

Woman facing misdemeanor charges in death of motorcyclist

A 53-year-old motorcycle rider in North Carolina died after being struck by a vehicle on June 14. The motorcycle rider had been traveling straight on Wendover when he was hit by a woman who was trying to turn left from Wendover onto Providence toward Uptown. According to a police sergeant, the motorcycle rider had a green light, and the woman in the SUV was turning on a flashing yellow light.

Staying safe during a hospital stay

North Carolina residents who may need hospital treatment in the future may want to be aware of some of the risks associated with spending time in such an environment. Vigilance is important, and having a trusted friend or loved one handy to assist in monitoring treatment and conditions may be helpful in heading off unexpected difficulties. According to estimates, more than 400,000 individuals die in U.S. hospitals annually because of medical errors.

Business disputes over payments due on account are common

One common relationship between small businesses nationally, including in North Carolina, is that between wholesale suppliers and retail sellers. It is relatively common in the small business sector for wholesalers and manufacturers to run a credit account for the retailer, based on repayment within 30 to 60 days, with extra charges for interest and late fees. This relatively standard arrangement can sometimes result in various kinds of business disputes.

Alleged drunk driver crosses centerline and hits ambulance

Five people were injured when an allegedly drunk driver crossed the centerline on a North Carolina roadway and crashed head-on with an ambulance. Gaston County EMS, which operates the ambulance, released a 12-second video that shows both the outside and the inside of the ambulance in the moments up to and during the June 2 accident.

Breach of contract of property lease can lead to litigation

In North Carolina and elsewhere business agreements for the rental of a business premises are very common transactions. Business leases are often more long-term than residential leases. A residential lease may typically extend for one year at a time, with renewal privileges at the expiration of each one-year period. Business leases, however, can commonly run for longer periods of three-to-five years per term, or even longer. There are many reasons why business arrangements like these often break down into breach of contract allegations by one or both sides.

North Carolina car wreck kills 1, driver charged with DWI

A wreck on Interstate 40 East in Raleigh resulted in one fatality and two injuries on May 29. Authorities reported that an 18-year-old woman driving a sedan left the road around 4:45 p.m. and hit a tree. An investigation is in progress, but police did charge the driver with provisional DWI. A blood test may be underway, which could lead to an upgraded charges since there was a fatality and injury involved.

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