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Duran Duran accuses fan club of breach of contract

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2014 | Business Contracts & Disputes |

Anybody who does any type of business usually forms contracts with other parties along the way at some point. However, when the other party does not follow through on the terms of an agreement, this can cause significant problems in North Carolina and other states. Even famous and successful musicians can find it significantly detrimental when another party fails to fulfill on a legal contract. The popular musical group, Duran Duran, has experienced this and is now suing its fan club for breach of contract.

The fan club, which is based in a suburban area, is being accused by the band of not paying money that it had allegedly promised to the band. Worldwide Fan Clubs, Inc. is the defendant named in the lawsuit filed by the band in court. The lawsuit was filed in late July. The defendant company has yet to release a statement to the public regarding the matter.

The lawsuit claims that the legal contract had been formed in 2010. Allegedly, the contract enabled the fan club to charge membership fees as well as sell band merchandise. However, the contract, according to the band, stipulated that Duran Duran would receive 75 percent of earned profits from memberships as well as sold merchandise.

Many fans of Duran Duran living in North Carolina and other states may now be paying attention to what happens in this breach of contract case. However, the band may have its work cut out, since it is still necessary to prove in court that the defendant company had indeed formed a legally binding contract. Then the plaintiff will have to show that the defendant did indeed breach that legal contract. This will require knowledge of contract law and how to apply relevant laws to the specific situation.

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