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No reliable test for Lyme disease available, says CDC

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2014 | Medical Malpractice |

North Carolina residents who frequently travel may be interested in one story regarding a man that contracted Lyme disease. It reportedly took 10 months and several doctors later to finally diagnose the illness.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that around 300,000 people contract Lyme disease every year. This disease, contracted from several species of ticks, causes serious symptoms such as headaches, fever and coughing. However, many of the tests that doctors use to detect the disease have not been proven to work consistently. The CDC reports that, while things are slowly moving forward, the current process for detecting the presence of Lyme disease is still unreliable.

One man, a college professor from Boston, contracted Lyme disease from a tick while visiting Spain on business. Though symptoms began to show the following day, doctors that he visited in the U.S. failed to diagnose the disease. Because several doctors use a test that only looks for the most common type of tick, the results were said to have repeatedly overlooked man’s Lyme disease. When he was prompted to go to Europe for testing, one doctor allegedly refused a positive result and denied the necessary antibiotics. One doctor he consulted reportedly recommended a treatment that caused kidney and liver issues.

When there is a failure to diagnose serious health problems, a negligent heath care professional may be liable for any injury or damages that follow incorrect treatment. This negligence can lead to permanent or significant physical harm if not remedied. An attorney may be able to help assess the situation and bring the appropriate legal action against a doctor, hospital or other medical staff.

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