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North Carolina I-40 car crash kills 2 people

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

On Sept. 7, around midnight, a car with a flat tire was rear-ended on Interstate 40 near the Wake County-Johnston County border. The driver of the disabled car was moving slowly in the westbound lane, and a driver behind him was unable to avoid it.

According to a trooper, the driver in the car that was hit from behind lost his life. Additionally, the 36-year-old passenger in the front seat and 5-year-old passenger in the back seat were taken to the hospital and were in fair condition. One other person also died after the accident occurred, and the motorist who hit the disabled vehicle received hospital treatment but was not seriously injured. The man who hit the automobile with the flat tire was charged with driving with a revoked license, but the police said that he would probably not be charged further in the accident.

Accident victims and families could face many different expenses after a car accident. For instance, they might have to pay for funeral expenses or counseling for emotional distress. Loved ones also might have to take responsibility for medical bills or might experience lost work wages after a wreck occurs. Surviving spouses or family members also may have more household bills after losing a primary wage earner because of a car wreck.

An attorney can assess each accident case. In the process, a possible settlement is calculated based on the financial contribution the one or loved ones made. A lawyer can use documentation provided by police officers, accident reconstruction teams, witnesses and insurance claims. All data collected usually is studied by a legal professional before taking a case before a judge.

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